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Orientation: The what, where, when and why

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What is Orientation?

It’s excitement time.

Orientation is your first chance to experience uni life and what it’s like to be a student at Uni of Newcastle. You can interact and network with other students, both new and continuing, and learn about all the experiences and opportunities on offer at the University of Newcastle.

During Orientation you will get to meet the staff helping you on your journey, learn the layout of your campus, and have a fair amount of fun while you’re at it.

On top of the sessions intended to help you get your footing at university, there’ll be a wide array of events happening on campus across the week where you can get involved, maybe join a club or two, and see the skills and talents of your fellow students.

Where is Orientation?

For students studying at either Callaghan campus or the Newcastle City Precinct, the campus you attend for your Orientation sessions will depend on your program. Check here for information on where your Orientation will be held. If you are studying your program at either Ourimbah or Port Macquarie your Orientation will be held there.

Armed with this knowledge, you can also check the specific rooms or locations where you’ll be having your sessions here.

When is Orientation?

For undergraduate students, Orientation is the week before classes start.

The Orientation Day schedule generally involves:

At the Callaghan and Newcastle City Precinct campuses there will also be the Student Life, Clubs & Societies Expo – make sure to check it out!

You can find all the information you need about orientation on the University website.

Why should I attend Orientation?

Attending Orientation gives you the opportunity to meet staff and students who will be taking your university journey with you. In fact, you’ll meet lots of other students studying the same degree as you. There will be a number of workshops on offer to help you develop your academic skills and make you familiar with the University’s online systems. And by familiarising yourself with your campus during Orientation you’re less likely to get lost and will feel more confident when classes start.

So come along and make sure you get the best start possible to your study!

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