Viewing yourself as a leader of tomorrow can seem like an impossible goal. But even the greatest minds of our time had to start somewhere. So why not start right now at the University of Newcastle? If you’re looking to see change on a global scale and make lasting connections, it’s time for you to check out iLEAD Plus; the program for establishing tomorrow’s leaders.

What is iLEAD Plus?

“New doesn’t follow. It takes the lead,” says the University Global International Engagement Officer, Maria Avia.

“The iLEAD Plus program at the University of Newcastle is designed to empower our most future-focused students. iLEAD Plus scholars draw from diverse experiences and are determined to inspire others—driving to extraordinary outcomes.”

The unique program aims to cater to your individual leadership goals, as well as expand and build upon your networking skills. After all, it’s not just what you know, but who you know. iLEAD Plus is great for helping you make connections with the University of Newcastle’s wide network of alumni, which otherwise might be hard to establish.

iLEAD Plus is built on six agilities which have been identified as necessary to be leaders in a rapidly evolving global workforce. These are; new media literacy, building relationships with influence, leveraging and valuing diversity, global citizen, entrepreneurial mindset and positioning.

Ok…but what actually IS iLEAD Plus?

The iLEAD Plus program is delivered in three stages. Each of these stages focus on a specific area to facilitate your leadership skills, these being:

  1. Emerging Leaders
  2. Launching Leaders
  3. iLEAD Scholars

Stage one, ‘Emerging Leaders’ is all about learning what it means to be a leader and engaging in global citizen learning. You are exposed to a network of diverse leaders within the community, who aim to inspire you to create your own leadership goals.

“It involves four interactive workshops to learn and develop leadership capabilities in global citizenship with University academic leaders across different disciplinary areas,” Maria said.

You also get the opportunity to partner with a mentor who will help you create an action plan to achieve your leadership goals. These mentors are professionals with expertise in a wide variety of industries.

Once you have successfully completed stage one, you can then apply for stage two. During this stage you further develop the iLEAD Plus agilities to ready yourself for your future career. The big focus of this stage is your pre-selected leadership experience. There’s heaps to choose from, such as attending the University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Bangkok! The workshops and mentoring throughout stage two will be tailored to whatever leadership opportunity you choose, with you having the chance to share your progress with others in iLEAD Plus.

Finally, stage three is a culmination of the hard yards you’ve put in iLEAD Plus and includes the opportunity to apply for international experiences.

Benefits of iLEAD Plus

There are numerous benefits to completing iLEAD Plus. These include:

  • Developing skills to boost your employability outcomes
  • Making new friends by networking with other aspiring leaders from different disciplines
  • Improving your much-needed soft skills (communication, planning, team work, networking, problem solving and the iLEAD Plus agilities)
  • Meeting professionals in your area of interest
  • Making an impact on local, national or international scale by utilising your acquired skills and experiences from completing ILEAD Plus

Last, but not least, successful completion of iLEAD Plus will be included on your Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) when you graduate. Basically, this statement shows employers all the neat extra stuff you did while studying.

How do I get involved?

Like most other courses at our Uni, iLEAD Plus is subject to enrolment numbers. If you don’t get in, don’t fret – there’s always next time.

iLEAD Plus is your chance to build the skills, qualities and perspectives you need to be a great leader of tomorrow. So what you waiting for!?!? Those leadership skills aren’t going to appear out of nowhere.

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Joseph is a born and bred Novocastrian studying Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Social Science. His hobbies include watching movies and TV shows, reading books and hanging out. He is a member of disability advocacy organisation, CDAH, and aspires to be an advocate for minority groups.

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