When you go to enrol for 2019 classes, you will notice something different about the process you will be using to enrol. That’s because the enrolment process has been improved to be fairer for all students. The changes are a fairly extensive overhaul of our current enrolment system but will mean that class selection will be better for a range of reasons.

So, what are the changes? To begin with, there will now be two stages to enrolment: enrolling in courses and registering for classes. As usual, you still enrol in courses through MyHub based on your program plan. The bigger difference though is that you won’t select your class times through MyHub anymore. Instead, classes are allocated using a preference-based process in a system you can access through the myTimetable platform.

MyTimetable is a smarter and more modern system for planning g your timetable that will make it easier to confirm and change your class schedule than it was when you had to go through myHub to do it. Instead of having to follow a maze of links to change your class times in myHub, you can now easily do this in myTimetable. The system shows you where you have clashes and what other classes are available at the click of a button. There’s even a waitlist option and a ‘Planner’ to help you look at all your options.

The new enrolment process is fairer for all students registering for class times. You’ll select up to four preferences for each class (eg. tutorial, workshop, lab, etc.) you’re registering for and then be allocated times according to those preferences during a designated sorting period. The process also optimises planning so that UON staff can see when the most popular times are and hopefully cater for these times in future.

A major drawcard we should mention is it also means you don’t have to wait for the exact minute that enrolment opens in order to beat everyone else to the class time you want. Gone are the days of spending your whole day waiting beside your computer for enrolment to be available and hoping that your computer doesn’t crash as you try to get that perfect class schedule.

These are some pretty major changes that will make enrolment easier and fairer for all students at UON. Make sure you check out newcastle.edu.au/enrolment-changes for all the latest information on how enrolment works and what you need to do. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch through AskUON, calling 1300 ASK UON, or dropping in to Student Central.


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