If you enjoy designing solutions to problems, love products and enjoy thinking of ways to improve them – this class is for you.

If entrepreneurship excites you but having to run a company absolutely does not— this class is definitely for you.

Watching Shark Tank can only teach you so much about product design and innovation. If you’re looking to fill that knowledge gap, STAR4200: How to Launch a Product Without Starting a Businessis the elective you’ve been looking for.

The key behind this innovative course, is none other than leading expert on product licensing and co-founder of inventRight Stephen Key.

Stephen Key
Credit: Stephen Key

You’ll be learning from the man who created an indoor Nerf basketball game that featured basketball player Michael Jordan as the backboard. Now I may only be a late 90’s kid, but I know when Michael Jordan is involved, it’s a big deal.

On top of having his products sold in Walmart, 7-Eleven and Disney stores, he’s even licensed custom guitar picks for Taylor Swift!

Did I also mention he designed the world’s first talking teddy bear?

STAR4200 introduces you to the simple process of being able to commercialise your ideas for new products, based on Key’s 10-step process on bringing products to market with minimal risk.

“[Students] will learn how to quickly and inexpensively test and evaluate their initial concepts, including researching the market, prototyping, and developing marketing materials. They will gain the confidence to reach out to any company in the world to discuss their product ideas,” Stephen said.

The course is available for all students as an online elective and is relevant to a range of fields. You will gain a solid foundation in intellectual property and negotiating strategy, which are musts for entrepreneurs of today.

“While the internet has undoubtedly provided new outlets for marketing and selling, there are also copycats around every corner waiting to pounce. If you plan ahead and make smart choices, you can maintain ownership of your creativity and hard work,” Stephen explained.

If you weren’t yet convinced, licencing is growing even more commonplace in the modern age of entrepreneurship than it once was.

“Licensing has existed as a way of doing business since the invention of the light bulb. It is more common today than ever because of a phenomenon called open innovation. Basically, companies have recognized that they have more to gain by inviting others in than building up their walls. They don’t carewheretheir next great product idea comes from. It’s all about the idea. The market has become so fast-paced and so global, companies need to keep innovating to stay competitive. When they open their doors, theyincrease their chances of finding new ideas.”

If you’re keen to learn from the very best in product licencing, or maybe you just want to bring a touch of innovation to your degree, STAR4200is a course you won’t want to miss out on.


Sarah James is a third year Bachelor of Communication/Laws (Honours) student. Newcastle born and bred, in her spare time she loves discovering hidden foodie gems and traveling to new places.

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