As the first few weeks of uni come and go, you may be looking ways to unwind. Whether you’re filling time between classes or bonding with new friends, there are always exciting activities to get involved in at every one of our campuses.  

Navigator is here to provide you with 9 fun things to do at the University of Newcastle!

#1: Bar on the Hill (Callaghan Campus) 

Bar on the Hill offers the perfect study-to-fun ratio, with an array of student offerings! Not only does it put on live music and events (think Vera Blue, Meg Mac, Yungblud), it is also the venue for Student Central’s legendary parties, like O-Party, Halloween and End of Year. Bar on the Hill also offers themed trivia nights, arcade machines and beanbags to really put your feet up post class.

#2: Movies by Moonlight (Callaghan and Newcastle City Campus)

Movies by Moonlight are relaxed events, held at the Derkenne Courtyard at Callaghan and Campus Green at NUspace, putting on free flicks throughout the semester. An opportunity to catch up on some films you haven’t seen – or enjoy an old favourite – it’s also a chance to showcase your advanced (or lack of) silver-screen knowledge.

#3: Join a club or society (all campuses)

With more than 80 different clubs and societies to choose from, you can indulge any of your hobbies, whether they’re academic, social or sporting based (just to name a few). Click here to see what’s available:

#4: The Millery happy hour (Ourimbah Campus)

The Millery is the place to kick back at Ourimbah campus. The perfect spot for a casual meal or drink, The Millery offers happy hour every Friday from 12-1pm, making for an awesome start to the weekend.

#5: Gym classes (Callaghan, Newcastle City and Ourimbah)

Not only can gym classes help you to de-stress, exercise has been proven to actually keep your brain performing as well as it can. What’s more, as a student, you can receive discounted gym memberships to The Forum Harbourside and University campus, as well as at Ourimbah.

#6: Competitions; DJ Comp (Callaghan and Newcastle City Campus)

Student Central host a variety of cross-campus challenges, the current offering being the DJ Comp, for which winners score the prize spot of DJing at this year’s Autonomy Day Party! So if you know how to spin a beat or two, this could be the perfect opportunity to show off your skills – or just have a lot of fun while potentially embarrassing yourself in a public space. Register now.

#7: Ping-pong tables (Callaghan Campus)

Callaghan’s ping-pong tables are situated in the courtyard outside Auchmuty library. Fun fact about ping-pong: it was a very real part of President Richard Nixon’s strategy to thaw tensions between the US and China – aka ‘ping-pong diplomacy’. Turns out Forrest Gump wasn’t entirely fictional (however Tom Hanks’ skills were). So, next time things are feeling especially strained during that group assignment, a game of ping-pong might be just what you need.

#8:  Social sports (Callaghan and Newcastle City)

Hosted at The Forum, social sport is offered six nights a week for three seasons a year! Students and staff can play mixed touch football, netball, basketball, multi-sport or futsal. Registrations are still open.

#9: LIB Talks (Port Macquarie Campus)

Similar to TED Talks, LIB Talks are a free monthly event held in the library, at which the University welcomes experts to discuss different topics relevant to students. This month’s talk was about how to avoid fines and Centrelink debts, offered by Legal Aid.


University doesn’t have to be all about studying – you should also enjoy your time here. No matter what campus you’re at, there are plenty of activities to help manage your study-life balance. Make sure to check out what is available at your campus and keep updated with student-based events.

After all, a little fun never killed anyone! *

*This information cannot be confirmed.

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