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10 tips for starting uni off on the right foot

The prospect of studying at university can be daunting for anyone; whether you’ve come straight from having to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom during your HSC, or you’ve helped your own kids through the HSC. University requires an independent level of study most people haven’t experienced before.

Follow our 10 tips so you can start navigating university study like a pro.

  1. Get involved in Orientation Week. It has many activities and information stalls to dispel those first-semester nerves. There is a lot of fun to be had, and a lot of free food to be eaten.
  2. Be prepared for the very first tutorial. Bite the bullet and get all your course readers in one day.
  3. Do the required readings. Playing catch-up in tutorials will make you stressed from the very beginning. The afternoon/night before class is the ideal time to set aside.
  4. Get a folder, hard-copy diary or an online planner. Write down every assessment for each subject, as well as every semester break and every public holiday. Pen and paper or electronic device: only you know what works best for you.
  5. Form good habits. From leaving yourself enough time to find a park in the morning to studying for a specific subject each day, routine is key.
  6. Engage with the University. Follow our social media pages and regularly check the website. The University is a huge and inclusive community and there is always something happening. Engagement is the key to improving your academic, employment and social success.
  7. Email your program advisor. If you have any doubts about your enrolment and subject choices, they will be able to advise you if you are on the right track to completing your degree. Best way to contact them is from your student email to the ASKUON address below.
  8. Keep a healthy body and healthy mind. There are many services at the University which promote clean eating and exercise. There are bike hubs at our Callaghan and City campuses if you’d like to ride to uni, and don’t forget to check out our Community Garden for activities such as planting days and harvests.
  9. Ask for help! Never hesitate to talk to fellow students about anything and everything you are unsure of. How to Uni provides an opportunity to connect with experienced student buddies who have been just where you are now. You can connect with as many buddies as you like to ask questions, get student tips and advice, or just to better understand what you can expect as a student at the uni. We are all in this together. 
  10. AskUON. There is no question that the Enquiry Centre can’t answer. Head on over to AskUON. Ask us, visit us, call us. 



Phone: 1300 ASK UON

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