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Meet the 2022 Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

Have you ever thought that while working hard and achieving the academic goals you set out for yourself is great, but sometimes you wish that there was a result more tangible than a D (Distinction) on your transcript?

Since 2019, the University of Newcastle has awarded Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Scholarships. Sponsored by our Vice-Chancellor and reflecting our commitment to excellence, the main focus of these scholarships is to celebrate and support academically outstanding students who have already commenced their studies.

Our university appreciates your hard work, persistence, dedication, and sustained effort to achieve academic excellence, and demonstrates this with an automatic application to this prestigious scholarship for eligible students.

Scholarships are an invaluable asset for your academic career, and are available for a range of different circumstances. However, for this one you just have to do well in your degree.

Along with this scholarship comes the opportunity for you to be recognised as an ambassador for your degree, and to continue to inspire future students once you graduate.

Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognising Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies

This scholarship, worth $10, 000, is awarded each year to both domestic and international students who have demonstrated academic excellence throughout their undergraduate degree, as they progress from Year 1 to Year 2, Year 2 to Year 3, and so on. What makes this scholarship even more special is that the university automatically recognises your ongoing efforts through your results. You can use the eligibility criteria to set your aspirational study goals throughout your degree, and who knows, maybe your name will be on this list next!

A huge congratulations to the inspirational 2022 recipients:

Gemma Elizabeth Allan

Bachelor Social Work (Honours)

Lukas Binninger

Bachelor Computer Science

Tamara Blickisdorf

Bachelor Nutrition & Dietetics (Hons)

Thomas Boehm

Bachelor Renewable Energy Eng (Hons)

Clayton John Carlon

Bachelor E&E Eng(H) /Bachelor CompSys Eng(H)

Aisling Joyce Barron Carroll

Bachelor Midwifery

Samuel Jesse Edwards

Bachelor Communication

Rebecca Ann Gibson

Bachelor Speech Pathology (Hons)

Jessica Haugh

Bachelor Renewable Energy Eng (Hons)

Adrian Bruns Cashmor Hirst

Bachelor Mechatronics Eng (Hons)

Matthew James Hurley

Bachelor Design (Architecture)

Kristy Elise Jacobs

Bachelor Education (Primary)

Brianna Dee Kelly

Bachelor Education (EC/Prim)

Tjarra Leigh Kilpatrick

Bachelor Physiotherapy (Honours)

King Tung Kwan

Bachelor Business

Jane Olivia Lafrenz

Diploma Medicine

Thomas Adam Maher

Bachelor Chem Eng (Hons)/BSc

Kate Maxine McCumstie

Bachelor Psychological Science (Hons)

Jiawei Miao

Bachelor Business

Safiyah Nazir

Bachelor Design (Architecture)

Alisa Catherine Pereira

Bachelor Nursing

Christopher Leigh Primrose

Bachelor Dev Studies/B Social Science

Ruby Rodrigues

Bachelor Arts

Alison Renee Rogers

Bachelor Med Rad Sci (Hons) (Nuc Med)

Eduardo Eugenio Sanchez Gonzalez

Bachelor Commerce/B Laws (Honours)

Farin Zaman Siddique

Bachelor Biomedical Science

Belle Smith

Bachelor Physiotherapy (Honours)

Sean Thomas Sweeney

Bachelor Education (Primary)

Marvin Anthony Thurlow

Bachelor Occupational Therapy (Hons)

Quynh Truc Tran

Bachelor Pharmacy (Honours)

An Binh Vu

Bachelor Mechanical Eng (Hons)

Emily Claire Williams

Bachelor Communication

Jintao Wu

Bachelor Commerce

University of Newcastle Academic High Performers Scholarship

The University of Newcastle also encourages future students to achieve high academic results before they come to University, as it’s a reflection of their dedication to educational excellence. The Academic High Performers scholarship celebrates and supports future undergraduates in their degrees with $10, 000 each year of their studies (up to $50, 000 for 5 years of study). There is no application required for this scholarship, as selection is based on UAC admissions application, however you will need to meet the eligibility criteria.

Congratulations to the following future students in each of the variations of this 2022 scholarship:

Regional High School Dux

Samuel Flood

Bachelor Aero Sys Eng H/Bachelor Mecha Eng H

Angus Rogers

Bachelor Aero Sys Eng H/Bachelor Mecha Eng H

Zoe Tudor

Bachelor Biotechnology

Schools Recommendation Scheme

Tracey Nguyen

Bachelor Oral Health Therapy

Year 12 School Leaver

Ella Bailey

Bachelor Business/Bachelor Laws (Honours) Health Therapy

Christina Beni

Bachelor Medical Science

James Caddick

Bachelor Medical Science

Jack Humphreys

Bachelor CompSys Eng (Hons)/BSc

Saskia Jenkins

Bachelor Physiotherapy (Honours)

Vivien Kuru

Bachelor Communication

Emily Pak

Bachelor Medical Science

Elizabeth Pico Gonzalez

Bachelor Medical Science

Kirtana Shiva

Bachelor Medical Science

Ruby Targett

Bachelor Physiotherapy (Hons)

Eleanor Wheatley

Bachelor Medical Science

Isabella Wu

Bachelor Medical Science

Darren Xiao

Bachelor Medical Science

Jeremy Zhao

Bachelor Medical Science

Indigenous Year 12 School Leaver

Charlotte Bacon

Bachelor Med Rad Sc (Hons) (Diag Rad)

Enabling to Undergraduate

Kristy-Lynne Apps

Bachelor Nursing

Academic Excellence Scholarship 2023 Recipient


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