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Your Stories – Meet Julia

Name: Julia

Degree: Bachelor of Coastal and Marine Science

Where would you like to take this degree?

I really want to do a PhD and work in Antarctica looking at how climate change is affecting Adelie penguin habitats and how their behavioural adaptations are changing due to habitat loss. They’re so cute, the male penguins collect pebbles and give them to the females who then choose their mate depending on who has the smoothest and roundest pebble.

I also want to do conservation work on the great barrier reef, I’m honestly just so happy to be working with and helping animals.

Julia doing fieldwork

What do you like the most about the university experience?

I like the vibe of Newcastle University, it’s like school but so much better. It’s more enjoyable and you actually get to choose the content you want to learn.

Julia enjoying her lunch break on campus

Do you have any involvement within the University?

I’m part of the Wine n Dine Book Club because I love reading! It’s currently just a group of around 15 girls and we get to sit around and talk about books, and fictional characters and drink wine, it’s so much fun.

Has your degree opened any interesting opportunities for you so far?

I was asked by a PhD student to help her with her research on Cyanobacteria. We collected some of the fish from the mass death at Mannering Park as well as water samples for her research. We dissected the fish ready for them to be screened for Cyanotoxins and I found a parasite living in one of their mouths staring right back at me! It was so crazy but so cool.

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