Black font on yellow background says '2023 Goals 1. Get Motivated 2. Stay Motivated', next to an image of an open laptop and a cup of coffee

How to find (and maintain) that elusive new year motivation

There’s no better feeling than finishing your last exam for the year, knowing that you have three months of freedom ahead of you. But when those three months end? We’ve all been there – your brain has been blissfully free from the shackles of academia over the summer, and the motivation to complete your weekly readings or sit through a lecture is at an all-time … Continue reading How to find (and maintain) that elusive new year motivation

Six hands raised, with letters in the palms spelling the word 'safety'

Living your best life in the uni break

We all have the right to feel safe and secure, and with the university break coming up, our daily activities might look a bit different. With that in mind, we’ve spoken to Jayne McCartney, the Respectful Communities Coordinator at the University of Newcastle, to see how students can feel safe while enjoying their time off.  What are some safety services that the University offers? The … Continue reading Living your best life in the uni break

A to-do list with the words 'self care' underneath, next to an image of a coffee cup surrounded by love hearts

Creative Tips for Self Care

With the end of the study term fast approaching, it’s natural for stress and anxiety to come creeping in. If you’re feeling in a bit of a slump or looking for fun ways to re-energise and get your spark back, why not give Creative Self Care a go!     Whether you’ve carved out a solid self-care ritual or you’re totally new to the self-care … Continue reading Creative Tips for Self Care

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All the reasons why you should apply for a scholarship

There’s not many things better than a scholarship. Maybe your nan’s spag bol or a celebratory beer after you’ve submitted your final assignment or maybe when you see a dog on your way to class.

You’ve probably heard it before, the University of Newcastle has loads of scholarships. But some students believe that scholarships are only for the “best of the best” and the highly competitive nature of scholarship applications has left them shying away from even giving them a go.

Continue reading “All the reasons why you should apply for a scholarship”

Graphic with an orange, kiwi fruit, blueberries and lemon and the words 'Healthy Eating'

Eating Healthy as a Busy University Student

Are you struggling with preparing quick, easy and healthy meals? Fret not, your friendly dietetics student friend has got you covered. I’ve gathered some resources for you, to help navigate your healthy lifestyle to the next level!   The viral “Lettuce Vuitton” designer bag has become the symbol of the rising cost of living in Australia – and we, students, are one of the major groups … Continue reading Eating Healthy as a Busy University Student

Image shows an open laptop, an August weekly To-Do list and a mobile phone

Work-Life Balance as a Postgraduate Student

For postgraduate students, the struggle to create a work-life balance can be very real, and balancing study with other commitments like work and family can feel like a massive challenge. In this article, I share my personal top 3 tips for establishing and maintaining a healthy balance, and provide some helpful resources from Student Wellbeing.  I’m a full time PhD (Classics) student, and throughout my … Continue reading Work-Life Balance as a Postgraduate Student

Close up of a DJ's hand during the 2015 Autonomy Day party on-campus

Partying safely at Autonomy Day

It’s that time of year again, when the weather is just about to get that little bit warmer, you’ve cruised past the halfway point of the year, and most importantly you’re about to celebrate the hell out of Autonomy. For those new students not in the know, or those more seasoned students who just didn’t really ask questions about why campus seems to have a … Continue reading Partying safely at Autonomy Day

A to-do list that says 'mainly procrastinate', with yellow, pink and blue blobs in the background

What the Heck is Life Admin?

Maintaining small life things throughout Uni can be tough; priorities shift and sometimes small important things become backed up until your personal admin snowballs.  Have you updated your address since you moved? Did that tax return form ever get submitted? Was that assignment due tonight or next week? This is the crux of what we call ‘life admin’.  I too struggled for a long time … Continue reading What the Heck is Life Admin?

A man lying down on the grass, with coloured clouds drawn around him

There are SEVEN types of rest? 

We all need more rest, but the good news is there are seven types of rest! You read that right – seven types.  When we hear “get some rest,” we think it means “get some sleep”, right?   Well, wrong.  Sleep actually falls under the category of Physical Rest. Other types of physical rest include napping, yoga, stretching and massage.  When I first read that there … Continue reading There are SEVEN types of rest? 

A man sitting at his computer, looking frustrated, with question marks around his head

Feeling overwhelmed? Dw, Nav has your back

Every university student can relate to feeling overwhelmed at some time during their studies. Whether it’s the end of semester rush, balancing life and uni responsibilities, or that one group project (we’ve all been there!). It’s important to know you’re never alone in dealing with these feelings. There are many helpful methods that can organise your time and headspace, as well as resources you can … Continue reading Feeling overwhelmed? Dw, Nav has your back

A woman in a support services role smiling at a male student sitting opposite her desk

University Support Services for Squeaky-Wheels

Although your wheels have not come off, perhaps they are noticeably squeaky and need an oil; you don’t need to be struggling to access support services.  As rhythmically as the change in seasons the year used to have, by now most of us are finding ourselves in something of a uni/life groove. There are some of us (the exceptions of the time management poor cliche of … Continue reading University Support Services for Squeaky-Wheels