Mid-shot of Georgia sitting outside Bar On The Hill, drinking a lemon lime and bitters

Your Stories – Meet Georgia

Name: Georgia Degree: Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) How did you come to do a Bachelor of Social Work? I didn’t think I’d ever be at university, I thought it was something fancier people did who had more money. I did Open Foundation rather than coming straight from school. My course is well suited to me, it’s flexible and adaptable to changes in my life. … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Georgia

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How to romanticise your uni life

Now that we are back from Easter holiday break, are you ready for the whirlwind of modules to catch up on and assignment deadlines coming your way? We’re usually super spirited and motivated to stick to academic goals at the start of the semester. But we can gradually grow tired with uni work, balancing personal work and academic deadlines – either starting to procrastinate or … Continue reading How to romanticise your uni life

Long shot of Madeleine sitting on a bench on campus, smiling at the camera

Your Stories – Meet Madeleine

Name: Madeleine Degree: Double degree in Arts and Science majoring in Linguistics and Psychology and a Diploma in Languages majoring in French How did you end up doing such a broad degree? I started with Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and in high school I studied a variety of subjects like Visual Arts, Textiles, French and Modern History. I thought Architecture would be the perfect mix … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Madeleine

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Your Stories – Meet Connie

Name: Connie Degree: PhD (Classics) What made you choose this degree, where did your passion come from? I’ve always had this passion, ever since my mum read me Greek myths as bedtime stories when I was a child. I’ve always been leaning towards this but didn’t expect I’d take it as far as I have. I didn’t originally think I’d do a PhD, but as … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Connie

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Preparations for Placement

The preparations for placement can take bit of time and planning. But there’s a payoff – you get to experience the fun, dynamic, intense and often life-affirming joys of placement. This is a glimpse into a possible future and it’s something to be excited about! Connect to your supports It’s vital to line up your supports before you need them. Nurture your connections with friends, … Continue reading Preparations for Placement

Illustration of a scale, showing the words "Work" and "Life" in balance

Secrets of the side hustle: finding the perfect part-time work

Do you ever find yourself in a weird relationship with money? As university students, we are studying for our future career to eventually earn a good living but at the same time we can find ourselves in a state of financial stress, searching for some part-time or casual jobs to help get us by while completing our studies. Finding a part-time or casual job that’s … Continue reading Secrets of the side hustle: finding the perfect part-time work

Close up photo of Omotola sitting on a lounge in Auchmuty library, smiling at the camera

Your Stories – Meet Omotola

Name: Omotola Degree: Masters in Public Health Why did you decide to study public health? Public health is an interdisciplinary course – it covers fields such as policy, research, communications, health, equity, business and finance. Public health encompasses what we do in our daily lives, it’s the practice of medicine not just the clinical aspect. It covers accessibility to ensure everybody has access to health … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Omotola

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Meet the 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

Have you ever thought that while working hard and achieving the academic goals you set out for yourself is great, but sometimes you wish that there was a result more tangible than a D (Distinction) on your transcript? Since 2019, the University of Newcastle has awarded Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Scholarships. Sponsored by our Vice-Chancellor and reflecting our commitment to excellence, the main focus of these … Continue reading Meet the 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

Black font on yellow background says '2023 Goals 1. Get Motivated 2. Stay Motivated', next to an image of an open laptop and a cup of coffee

How to find (and maintain) that elusive new year motivation

There’s no better feeling than finishing your last exam for the year, knowing that you have three months of freedom ahead of you. But when those three months end? We’ve all been there – your brain has been blissfully free from the shackles of academia over the summer, and the motivation to complete your weekly readings or sit through a lecture is at an all-time … Continue reading How to find (and maintain) that elusive new year motivation