Photo of a graduating student in the robe and hat, holding their University of Newcastle degree

What to Expect on Graduation Day

Graduation season is upon us. Congratulations on making it this far! This is the time to celebrate your successes, catch up with your year group and receive that all-important certificate that represents all your blood, sweat and tears of the last few years.  Consider this article your guide, from one soon-to-be graduate to another.  Preparation: The university has several ceremonies a day and it’s important … Continue reading What to Expect on Graduation Day

Photo of three students with a brightly coloured background and the words 'Accessibility on Campus'

What is the uni doing about accessibility?

Accessibility and inclusion have become huge buzzwords recently, but for people living with disabilities they are so much more than words. They represent the difference between being able to exist safely and securely in a space or being left feeling uncomfortable or unable to access it. Accessibility is what makes the University of Newcastle a safe place for people to study or work.   This means … Continue reading What is the uni doing about accessibility?

A collage showing members of University of Newcastle clubs, with the UNSA Clubs logo in the background

4 Club events you can attend in November

With final assessments out of the way, now is a great time to check out some of the social Clubs on campus! I’ve gotten in touch with some of the clubs running end of year events, to spotlight some exciting events that are happening in November.  Indian Student Association of Newcastle University (ISANU) – Bollywood Night Event ISANU is all about promoting and celebrating Indian … Continue reading 4 Club events you can attend in November

Image of a tree and the words 'Sustainability on Campus'

4 cheap and easy ways to be sustainable on campus

The current state of our planet is a cause of concern for most of us and we’re all trying to do our part to help it improve. But as money and time-poor students, it can be hard to find ways to contribute towards sustainability that actually feel impactful.   Luckily for us, the University of Newcastle has a heap of cool initiatives which students can get … Continue reading 4 cheap and easy ways to be sustainable on campus

Mid shot of Vaish sitting outside, holding an open textbook and smiling

Your Stories – Meet Vaish

Name: Vaish Degree: Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) Have you always wanted to study social science? I started studying nutrition as I wanted to be a dietician. I watched my dad who has diabetes struggle to find a dietician that understood an Indian diet. When I started the degree, I quickly realised it really wasn’t for me. I was very unhappy. I considered other options … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Vaish

Mid shot of Nathan eating a plate of fries while he reads his textbook

Your Stories – Meet Nathan

Name: Nathan Degree: Bachelor of Communications (Film Media Major) How did you come to study a Bachelor of Communications? Originally I was studying Secondary Teaching but realised it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. I switched to a new degree called Climate Science and Adaptation because my major for teaching was Environmental Science, I figured I’d eliminate the teaching and do that instead. One … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Nathan

A photograph of a male and female student on-campus, with the words 'Graduate Attributes'

Not just a piece of paper; skills beyond the degree

Have you ever thought of the successes and impact we made in life that were directly or indirectly facilitated by people around us or the environment we live in? Without them, we may never have made it through.   A thought struck me when I was on my way home after a long night of studying and assignments rushing in the library. I was in the … Continue reading Not just a piece of paper; skills beyond the degree

A group of students studying at their laptops

PASS exam sessions…what the?

It’s that time again, when uni feels like feeding time at the zoo. You finally handed in that final assignment, a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, you feel like you can breathe again.

But then you remember something… exams start in a matter of weeks.

How can you possibly prepare for a final exam in two weeks? You’ve been so busy you haven’t even given this any thought. Isn’t there something that can make all of this easier? Surely other students are feeling the same.

I’ve got good news for you. They do. And there is something that can help.

Continue reading “PASS exam sessions…what the?”

Close up of hands filling in an exam booklet, with yellow, pink and blue blobs in the background

How to prep for exam time

With the final exam period just around the corner, we’ve put together a handy guide with some quick tips to help you prepare for your exams! Are you the kind of person who always revises things ahead of time?  Or are you the type of person who feels anxious when the exam is drawing near? Or do you feel confident about your test already?   Whatever category you … Continue reading How to prep for exam time

Mid-shot of Annie smiling at the camera with her laptop open

Your Stories – Meet Annie

Name: Annie Degree: Bachelor of Biomedical Science Have you always wanted to study Biomedical Science? I never thought I’d be in a Biomedical degree. I didn’t even like biology in school. I originally had no direction and there was so much pressure to apply for university and choose what career I wanted to do, but I honestly had no idea. I always knew I wanted … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Annie

A collage with photographs of members of Univeristy of Newcastle clubs

5 Club events you can attend in October

Although the year is starting to come to a close, there are still plenty of fun social events right around the corner! I’ve gotten in touch with some of the Clubs on campus, to shine a spotlight on some of the exciting events in store for October.  Historia – Dress Up Trivia Night Historia is a social club for any students with an interest in history, … Continue reading 5 Club events you can attend in October