How to get the most out of Orientation Week

Orientation Week is a rite of passage for first-year uni students. Along with sorting out the essentials at Student Central (hello parking permit and ID card), the week is an exciting and valuable opportunity to gain insight into the degree you have chosen to study and meet some of the people you’ll be learning alongside. Continue reading “How to get the most out of Orientation Week”

How to find out what’s on at each campus

The University of Newcastle is so much more than JUST Callaghan campus. As a student whose classes are based out of the City Precinct, I get that sometimes it’s easy to feel out of the loop (cue Shannon Noll ‘What about me?’). But in actual fact, there’s a heap of regular events based out of the other campuses. Wondering how you can find out about these? I’ve got you covered.

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Everything you need to know about volunteering at the Uni of Newcastle

Interested in upskilling or gaining more experience while you study? Do you want to help out fellow students and make a contribution to campus life? Volunteering with the uni could be the answer! The volunteering program is well established at the University and while it looks slightly different at the moment in our online environment, there are still loads of opportunities up for grabs. I … Continue reading Everything you need to know about volunteering at the Uni of Newcastle

Student Stories: Pride Week Edition!

Ever wondered what makes a University of Newcastle student tick? What their favourite thing about Uni is, or even any sneaky student tips? Well Navigator has got you covered, we sat down (virtually), with a representative from the Queer Collective Max Tran to get the inside scoop on all things student life at the University of Newcastle with a rapid fire round of 20 questions. … Continue reading Student Stories: Pride Week Edition!

How to get the most out of university life: outside the classroom

Are you feeling like you’re not getting as much out of the ~uni experience~ as you wanted? Absolutely lost on how to create long-lasting friendships while balancing study with other commitments? Wanting to easily find avenues for future work or find career relevant positions? Or are you even wanting to give back to the university through volunteering and make real change at the place you … Continue reading How to get the most out of university life: outside the classroom

7 of the best kept secret spots on our campuses

While we’ve all been staying indoors, eating late lunches after 10AM sleep-ins, and adding to our plant collections, our campus has been waiting for our return. It’s always been there for us when we needed it, for a cheeky library session or printing off an assignment. But now it’s time for us to meet again and there’s so much we need to catch up on. … Continue reading 7 of the best kept secret spots on our campuses

How to stay connected with your friends and family throughout isolation

COVID-19 has made the world shift in a way that we’ve never seen before. Amongst quarantine, social distancing, isolation, business closures and job losses it’s no surprise many are finding it challenging to adjust and remain connected with others in the process.

I always knew I was an extrovert but spending the past couple of weeks inside with minimal exposure to the world outside my small unit and my housemate has made me realise how reliant I am on face-to-face contact with others. With all my University courses now online, the ability to work from home and social distancing guidelines in place, I am one of the lucky ones who have the ability to isolate themselves during this time. Trust me, during my first few days of isolation I didn’t feel lucky at all. As a fairly social and active person, staying indoors all day made me feel more disconnected to the world around me than I ever have despite access full to social media and the news.

Above all, my first couple of weeks practising social distancing has made me realise the importance of staying close to those you care about and taking the time to work on relationships despite the barrier of physical isolation.

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Dom’s Declassified COVID-19 Entertainment Survival Guide

Despite the emotional rollercoaster of being in isolation, there’s one positive we’ve all unanimously agreed on, it’s giving us a lot of time to watch/listen/play/read all the content we’re usually too busy for. So if you’ve cleared out your backlog (or you don’t trust your own content judgment) trust me and my organised guide to all the different types of entertainment you can enjoy during the lockdown. It’s even categorised by Mood, so each of you can be entertained no matter how you feel.

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