Ping. Ping. That’s not your microwave – it’s another email arriving in your inbox. Before you roll your eyes and shut your laptop, let’s pause to consider the importance of this modern-day carrier pigeon. In addition to Blackboard, your student email account is the primary means of communication you have with tutors and course coordinators. You’ll find info on assignments, room changes and general admin here. If you’re struggling with course content, emails provide an appropriate and welcome channel to reach out to academic staff for help. Your inbox is also home to messages from the uni like surveys, careers insights and emergency information such as campus closures and pandemic updates.

If emails are so handy, how do we best utilise them and what language or tone should we be using in them? What should we do if we are new to uni, or just haven’t got the hang of NuMail? Or say, asking for a friend, our inbox is piling up and feels impossible to manage. Read on – Navigator has you covered.