Vice Chancellor of the University of Newcastle, Alex Zelinsky, smiling at the camera with big bright yellow, blue, pink and white blob patterns behind him.

A Chat with the VC

We’re back in class, heading into flu season, and coming closer to the exam period. Ooft. That’s a lot to think about. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Newcastle, Professor Alex Zelinsky AO, wants students to keep a few things in mind as we brave the rest of Semester 1: Key points: Face-to-face learning and activities are thriving on campus. Flu season is upon us, … Continue reading A Chat with the VC

The One Thing Your Future Employer Wants You To Do Now

Although University is a place to have fun, meet new people and study for the degree program of your choice, it is also an important stepping stone into the working world. At the University of Newcastle there are plenty of ways you can get ahead to ensure you stand out from the crowd when you’re approaching graduation and start applying for graduate jobs. Career Connect … Continue reading The One Thing Your Future Employer Wants You To Do Now

Oops, I did it again (how to get back on top of your study)

Here you are again. You’ve procrastinated yourself into a massive hole, haven’t you? After all those promises you made yourself, you’re staring down the tracks at a fast approaching week 12 and you can’t seem to make your legs move. You have a few options here, but they all basically boil down into two: Stay under that torn, self-disgust stained blanket and google ice-cream delivery or, Get up and get … Continue reading Oops, I did it again (how to get back on top of your study)

6 tips for approaching lecturers

Lecturers can seem scary. It’s completely understandable. They are all knowing (yes, they know you haven’t caught up on that lecture), so asking for help can be a pretty daunting prospect. But guess what: their main goal is to help you. No matter how intimidating approaching your lecturer might appear, it’s best to just bite the bullet. Here are our top tips to overcoming that … Continue reading 6 tips for approaching lecturers

How to master your student emails

Ping. Ping. That’s not your microwave – it’s another email arriving in your inbox. Before you roll your eyes and shut your laptop, let’s pause to consider the importance of this modern-day carrier pigeon. In addition to Blackboard, your student email account is the primary means of communication you have with tutors and course coordinators. You’ll find info on assignments, room changes and general admin here. If you’re struggling with course content, emails provide an appropriate and welcome channel to reach out to academic staff for help. Your inbox is also home to messages from the uni like surveys, careers insights and emergency information such as campus closures and pandemic updates.

If emails are so handy, how do we best utilise them and what language or tone should we be using in them? What should we do if we are new to uni, or just haven’t got the hang of NuMail? Or say, asking for a friend, our inbox is piling up and feels impossible to manage. Read on – Navigator has you covered.

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Staying on track mentally at the end of term

Does the thought of the end of a study term frighten you? Or are you blissfully in denial of all your deadlines and waiting for that final kick of high-pressure adrenaline? Either way, looking after your mental health and staying motivated is so important for all students over the last few weeks. Read on to learn how you can stay on track mentally for the rest of the year.

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Don’t fall at the finish line: advice for soon-to-be graduates

For some of us, this November represents more than the end of semester two; it marks the completion of our degrees. Cue trumpets! Cue fanfare! Cue one million insta likes!

But in order to show off the cap and gown, you’ve got to work hard to pass all those final subjects. When the finish line is so close, it can be tempting to take your foot off the pedal and coast…

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A woman holds a sign saying "Give. Thanks" in a green field

4 ways you can give back to your student community

When was the last time you felt the rush of warm and fuzzy feelings you receive after doing something good for someone else? Well, I challenge you to do something great for your student community. And if you don’t get that rush of good feelings after 30 days… I was going to offer you some money back but who am I kidding. I’m a uni … Continue reading 4 ways you can give back to your student community

How to stop stress from spoiling your relationships

The assignments are piling up, the coffee jitters are starting to affect my handwriting and I can feel the hot breath of exams on the back of my neck. I’m not having fun, and by the look of the hollow eyes and slumped shoulders I see around campus, neither are you. It’s usually at this point that I withdraw from the people around me, become … Continue reading How to stop stress from spoiling your relationships

How to study smarter

Studying at university can be tough sometimes. If you’re a recent school leaver you may find your tried and trusted study skills are no longer working for you in the university environment. Alison Hillier from Academic Learning Support refers to this as the ‘culture shock’ – where previously successful students become crippled by having to self-direct their learning, as well as becoming derailed by their … Continue reading How to study smarter