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Why Transferrable Skills are SO Important

While exams, placements and assessments are all important elements of a university degree, there are other things you can do to fill out your CV and make you a more skilled graduate.  When you start searching for graduate employment, you will likely come across the term “transferable skills” during your job search and wonder what it means. While the whole process can be overwhelming at … Continue reading Why Transferrable Skills are SO Important

Know you’re product*

Do you have a Personal Brand™? I don’t mean preferring Nintendo to Xbox, your penchant for Converse All-Stars, or having Google tattooed on your face. I mean that buzzword that gets flicked around the place, often paired with ‘Thinkfluencer’ and ‘Webinar’. Some guy called Chris Ducker says that, “Your personal brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.” Now, … Continue reading Know you’re product*