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What in the world is the New Columbo Plan scholarship?

In November, I received an email from the Australian Government that started with “congratulations”. I was a recipient of the New Columbo Plan Scholarship. Naturally, I screamed. Six months on, I’m gearing up for a big move to the Indo-Pacific, where I’ll remain for up to nineteen months. Let me show you how you can do it, too. (I’m still screaming, FYI.)  Okay, so the New Columbo … Continue reading What in the world is the New Columbo Plan scholarship?

Your Stories – Meet Jackson

Name: Jackson, original creator of ‘UON Love Letters Revised’ Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Did you create the Love Letters platform? If so, why? Yes and no, but mostly no. I created the current Love Letters Revived page in October 2020, probably a day or two after the original page got deleted. I only got onto it so quickly because I was a huge fan … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Jackson

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Your Stories – Meet Bridget

Name: Bridget Degree: Bachelor of Communications (Majoring in Media Arts Production) Why did you decide to come to uni and what drew you to a communication degree? Honestly, it just seemed interesting. I wasn’t ready to commit to a full-time job yet and I thought studying would be a good idea. I love films. I’ve done a lot of acting and really wanted to get … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Bridget

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How to get your head around your required readings

When I sit down, highlighter and pen in hand, ready to attack something from my mandatory reading list, I feel like I’m prepping for a marathon (something you would never find me doing). I know it’s going to be hard, I know I’m probably going to want to give up mid-way, I know I’ll keep checking my watch and I know it’s probably going to … Continue reading How to get your head around your required readings

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The Do’s and Don’ts of using ChatGPT

If your social media algorithm has not yet been swamped by content related to artificial intelligence (AI), consider yourself nestled in an incredibly special niche. As a graphic design student following creative content on social media, almost every post I see is related to AI. It took me until January to finally dare have a play with ChatGPT. The multitude of AI tools available is … Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of using ChatGPT

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How to romanticise your uni life

Now that we are back from Easter holiday break, are you ready for the whirlwind of modules to catch up on and assignment deadlines coming your way? We’re usually super spirited and motivated to stick to academic goals at the start of the semester. But we can gradually grow tired with uni work, balancing personal work and academic deadlines – either starting to procrastinate or … Continue reading How to romanticise your uni life

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Preparations for Placement

The preparations for placement can take bit of time and planning. But there’s a payoff – you get to experience the fun, dynamic, intense and often life-affirming joys of placement. This is a glimpse into a possible future and it’s something to be excited about! Connect to your supports It’s vital to line up your supports before you need them. Nurture your connections with friends, … Continue reading Preparations for Placement

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Meet the 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

Have you ever thought that while working hard and achieving the academic goals you set out for yourself is great, but sometimes you wish that there was a result more tangible than a D (Distinction) on your transcript? Since 2019, the University of Newcastle has awarded Vice-Chancellor’s Academic Excellence Scholarships. Sponsored by our Vice-Chancellor and reflecting our commitment to excellence, the main focus of these … Continue reading Meet the 2023 Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

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How to find (and maintain) that elusive new year motivation

There’s no better feeling than finishing your last exam for the year, knowing that you have three months of freedom ahead of you. But when those three months end? We’ve all been there – your brain has been blissfully free from the shackles of academia over the summer, and the motivation to complete your weekly readings or sit through a lecture is at an all-time … Continue reading How to find (and maintain) that elusive new year motivation

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AskUON commonly asked questions – answered!

问题, أسئلة, प्रशन, Fragen, Câu hỏi, คำถาม, 질문, Preguntas, Domande, 質問, ਸਵਾਲ, Вопросы, Pertanyaan, Mga tanong, sorular, Spørsmål, Des questions, Питання, Ερωτήσεις, pytania, Imibuzo, שאלות, got questions?  Hey everyone! My name is Gabe and I’m a current student at The University of Newcastle and I am in the Bachelor of IT and Bachelor of Business. Being a student who came into university not knowing a … Continue reading AskUON commonly asked questions – answered!

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New Year, New Skills; Things to try in the Summer break

If you’re like me and have lots of free time on your hands before uni goes back, why not learn some new skills? Uni Newcastle students have free access to a range of programs like Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Adobe Express and Creative Cloud. Regardless of your age or tech-savvy-ability, anybody can learn new skills, whether to benefit your study or hobbies at home.   As a … Continue reading New Year, New Skills; Things to try in the Summer break