Things to do over the summer break

Summer break is here, and it is time to take advantage and explore all the warm Aussie coast can offer! Coming from someone currently on a semester exchange in the freezing depths of Canada (which it makes up for in its beauty), I am fully committed to taking advantage of the warm weather and beaches down under when I return. Don’t know where to start? … Continue reading Things to do over the summer break

Navigating Post-Graduation: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students in Australia 

Many of the international students I’m friends with are either going home or staying back to continue their journey. Whatever the reasons are, the transition from being a full-time student to a working adult is exhilarating, yet the journey can be scary and bumpy at the start.  At one point, I was so lost that I thought maybe going home to my loved ones and … Continue reading Navigating Post-Graduation: A Comprehensive Guide for International Students in Australia 

Freebies on campus

“I’ll do anything for free stuff” – Sandra Bullock. I didn’t come up with that statement, but it is a statement that every University of Newcastle student can relate to, domestic and international students alike. With the increase in the price of groceries and stress due to work and studies, the next point of action is to access the free services your campus has to … Continue reading Freebies on campus

I nominated myself in the SRC elections and lost

My Journey to UNSA SRC: Dealing with Rejection and Finding Growth Have you ever considered the possibility of making a significant impact on your university’s services? I have- SO much so that I nominated myself as a student representative for the UNSA SRC (University of Newcastle Student Association Student Representative Council). My goal was to be a voice for fellow students and drive positive changes … Continue reading I nominated myself in the SRC elections and lost

Self-care strategies and “Stress Less” activities 

As we’re hurtling toward exam season and the semester’s end, this article will give you tips to navigate the coming stormy weeks. The “Stress Less” initiative at the University of Newcastle is here, and it’s a beacon of relaxation and self-care amid the chaos.  What’s Stress Less all about?  Stress Less is like a warm, comforting embrace during busy academic seasons. It’s an initiative that … Continue reading Self-care strategies and “Stress Less” activities 

The Power of Study Buddies: Your Best Weapon Against Procrastination

It’s the end of the semester, one of the most demanding times for students. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you’re not alone. As students, we often struggle to stay focused and productive, especially when life is swirling with job applications and shops are already selling Christmas decorations.  Fortunately, there’s a powerful tool to help with this: study groups or study buddies!   In this article, … Continue reading The Power of Study Buddies: Your Best Weapon Against Procrastination

Your Stories – Meet Isabella

Name: Isabella  Degree: PhD in laws (Forensic Anthropology) with the School of Law and Justice  What is Forensic Anthropology for those who don’t know?  It is the study of bones and human decomposition. A Forensic Anthropologists main duty is to detect, recover and assess human remains. Detect where an individual is located if they’ve been buried or involved in a natural disaster, recover those remains … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Isabella

Breaking the procrastination cycle

We’ve all been there. Every single one of us. Don’t lie. Across all degrees in all universities, in all fields and colleges, there is one thing that unites the common student: our bittersweet love of procrastination. It’s the cornerstone of the uni student stereotype – 10pm, leaning forward on the couch, leftover Thai on the table and Netflix on the TV, rushing an assignment to … Continue reading Breaking the procrastination cycle

El standing in the courtyard outside the campus cafe

Your Stories – Meet Eleanor

Name: Eleanor  Degree: Bachelor of Psychological Science  How long have you been studying at UON? This is my first year, first semester. So far I like it a lot more than high school. Students are more passionate, the teaching is better and I find the course work interesting. I decided to take a gap year after finishing high school because my last year of study was … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Eleanor

photo shot over the shoulder of a man looking at a black computer screen with a white question mark

Your Stories – Meet ‘Z’

Name: Z, the “Love Letters Revived” current admin.  How did you come to be the admin of UON Love Letters Revived?  About nine months ago I messaged the Love Letters page and asked if they wanted a hand managing it or wanted to hand the page over. About three months later, Jackson (the original admin) replied back. He mentioned he was in his final year … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet ‘Z’

Illustrated of a stressed student with a big pile of books on their desk

Recognising and preventing burnout

We’re already halfway through the semester?! Gosh, time flies! Realising how much piled up work and commitments we have on our plate. BURNOUT ALERT INCOMING!! As a final-year student, I can feel the burnout coming from all directions! Juggling academic responsibilities, placements and internships, volunteering hours, social engagements with family and friends, and personal development of our own passion projects and hobbies as well as career … Continue reading Recognising and preventing burnout