Breaking the procrastination cycle

We’ve all been there. Every single one of us. Don’t lie. Across all degrees in all universities, in all fields and colleges, there is one thing that unites the common student: our bittersweet love of procrastination. It’s the cornerstone of the uni student stereotype – 10pm, leaning forward on the couch, leftover Thai on the table and Netflix on the TV, rushing an assignment to … Continue reading Breaking the procrastination cycle

A University of Newcastle wall planner with the word 'help' written over it in large red font

Oops, I did it again (how to get back on top of your study)

Here you are again. You’ve procrastinated yourself into a massive hole, haven’t you? After all those promises you made yourself, you’re staring down the tracks at a fast approaching week 12 and you can’t seem to make your legs move. You have a few options here, but they all basically boil down into two: Stay under that torn, self-disgust stained blanket and google ice-cream delivery or, Get up and get … Continue reading Oops, I did it again (how to get back on top of your study)

Tabula Rasa – how to have a productive holiday

You made it! The semester is over and now it’s time to hibernate under your blanket and binge on snacks and junk TV. However, totally switching off and disappearing from the world, although tempting, can cause more harm than good. By all means take some time to rest, enjoy sleeping in and bask in the glory that is having no assignments due (unless you’re enrolled … Continue reading Tabula Rasa – how to have a productive holiday

Stressed for success

It’s exam time! [Cue Jaws theme, strobe lights, distant screaming] Stress is the name of the game. Over in engineering they are trying to calculate it, the psych students are plowing into the subconscious trying to connect it to your mother, the humanities crew are arguing it’s just a social construct, while over in the visual arts precincts they’re just splattering paint everywhere and screaming. … Continue reading Stressed for success