5 Questions with Christy Mullen

The Campus Life Awards were held on the 26th of October 2017, rewarding and celebrating those students who go above and beyond to contribute to campus life at the University of Newcastle.

These awards recognise students who have made an outstanding commitment to the student experience at University. These experiences can be anything from working with student clubs, volunteering their time and working in other areas with students.

Bachelor of Business/Laws student, Christy Mullen, was awarded the highest honour of the night – the Campus Life Award. This year she has acted as Vice President of NUSA, VP/President of the Goonion, Executive Director for Student Relations for BusCom, Deputy Convenor of the Women’s Collective and been a Peer Mentor. Did we also mention she was Newcastle Youth Council’s Youth Mayor?

We sat down with Christy to find out just how she manages it all and what her plan is for 2018.

NAVIGATOR: What clubs and societies will you be involved with in 2018?

Christy: For 2018 I’m the NUSA President and the Chief Goon Sack of the Goonion (Goonion Preisdent). I don’t know what else I’ll be doing next year and whether I’ll succumb to peer pressure and join the Computer Society or run for the University of Newcastle Law Students Association (UNLSA).

NAVIGATOR: What makes you like volunteering so much?

Christy: I enjoy volunteering because I like seeing the actual tangible impact within the community. I’ve been event volunteering for 10 years and I love to see the… joy and good times people have at events. I also like being able to give back and that’s why I find NUSA volunteering so rewarding. We’re always coming up with initiatives and programs that really help students who are most at need, even if it’s just simply doing the BBQ so they can have a meal that day.

NAVIGATOR: How did it feel having your hard work acknowledged at the Campus Life Awards?

Christy: Winning the Campus Life Award felt so surreal. I wasn’t expecting it, but was also glad to see my goal achieved. Last year at the Campus Life Awards I thought to myself ‘I want that next year’. When I heard the Highly Commended I was like ‘mmm do I have a shot here’, but I was also just enjoying the wine lots at that point!

NAVIGATOR: Why should other people get involved with University volunteering?

Christy: I’m going to sound like the university volunteer program info sheet here, but everyone should volunteer to make new skills, make a difference and to make new friends. All but three of my uni friends are from volunteering. You’ll love it and there’s so many different ways and causes to contribute.

NAVIGATOR: So what’s next for you then?

Christy: The morning after I got the award, I had this existential crisis in the bathtub about what do I do now. I really want a club award, so either Club of the Year or Club Event so I’ll be putting heaps of effort into the Goonion next year for its 10th birthday. There’s also a Lawyers Weekly Law Student of the Year so maybe I’ll work towards that. Maybe I’ll put my head down and work a bit harder on my degree and get some legal work experience. Ask me the same question at the end of next year when I’ll be done with NUSA and the Goonion and we’ll see *laughs*.

For a full list of winners of the 2017 Campus Life Awards, head on over to https://www.newcastle.edu.au/current-students/campus-environment/campus-life/campus-life-awards

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