Your guide to Arts & Culture at the University of Newcastle

While I’m sure you’re knuckles deep in pen ink and diving head first into those textbooks, why not detach yourself from your studies for a few hours and enjoy some arts and culture. You and I both know you’ve been working hard and deserve a textbook detox. So to sate your creative spirit, here’s a little list of all the best places to get a taste of arts and culture at the University of Newcastle.

Uni Revue

One simple way to get in touch with your comedic side and release that dramatic spirit is to get involved with Uni Revue.

Uni Revue is a live theatre show that features all sorts of creative pieces and performances. Think: fun skits and great musical numbers.

Bachelor of Communication (Honours) student Jack Moran is now heading into his third Uni Revue, and couldn’t recommend it enough.

“The highlight of Uni Revue has always been getting to take those seemingly silly little skits and jokes I’ve written and get to not only see them come to life on stage, but also get to see people actually laughing at them and enjoying them. As a cast member it’s been an incredible opportunity to build my confidence in front of a crowd. Aside from all that, I’ve made some really great friends by being part of Uni Revue and it’s definitely been one of the best experiences I’ve had at uni.”

If you’re a budding writer, brainstormer, creative, actor, singer or filmmaker, why not register your interest now. You’ll be notified and encouraged to come along to the Uni Revue workshops, which will give you the chance to bring your ideas to the table. The Uni Revue team are also on the lookout for help with set design and stage management – so if that’s your thing go hit them up!

If being a part of the show is a bit too adventurous for you, come along and watch the show. You’ll see acts such as comedy sketches, songs and performance pieces, written and produced entirely by students. The shows are scheduled throughout Autonomy Week so make sure you catch a viewing – there are more details to come!

Sit Down Stand Up Comedy

Do you ever find yourself watching a comedian’s special on Netflix and wondering how they got their start? This is one of those kinds of events.

Putting all puns aside, Sit Down Stand Up Comedy is one of the funniest gigs to ever hit the University of Newcastle. Expect an evening full of belly laughs and edgy zingers straight out of Godfrey Tanner Bar. Even better, the talent is typically home-grown, so not only are you rewarding your funny bone, you’re also supporting local budding comedians.

Clubs (no – not the EDM type ones)

Ever wanted to express your artsy side? But not sure how? Why not join a club. This is a great way to test the waters and express your creative interests with like-minded people. With hundreds of clubs to choose from there’s got to be something in there that tickles your fancy. Here’s a just a few that the University of Newcastle has to offer.

The Newcastle University Drama Society (NUDS) is a club for anyone who wants to explore their performative, creative and expressive side. NUDS prides itself on its dedication to creating original works presented by only students of the University of Newcastle. No idea is too spicy! For all you Ourimbah students, there is also the Centre Stage Drama Club. Contact Yourimbah for more information.

The Hip-Hop Society aims to help the hip-hop scene grow, and to link people in with the hip hop community at the University of Newcastle. Whether you’re into the hip-hop dance culture or one of the other elements of hip-hop like DJing, MCing or graffiti, NHHS is open to all hip-hop lovers!

The UON Writers’ Club aims to bring together like-minded people to create the perfect and safe environment for its members to get creative together. Together they explore, share their stories and receive feedback. They also promote opportunities in relation to their writing like local events, workshops, writing comps and workshops.

Check out the rest of the fun, social and creative clubs available to join here at the University of Newcastle.

Watt Space Gallery

Watt Space is the University of Newcastle’s student art gallery, based in Newcastle City Precinct’s Northumberland House.

Fun fact: Watt Space is actually Australia’s longest running student gallery.

It’s a contemporary space in the heart of Newcastle that exhibits new work every three weeks by either current students or recent graduates of the University of Newcastle.

This gallery has been an inspirational cultural hub for our students and community for nearly 30 years. In 2018 the gallery welcomed a new, talented student committee and an extended student internship program to support its exciting and diverse calendar of exhibitions.

The Conservatorium 

Affectionately known as ‘the Con’, the Conservatorium is the University’s – and dare I say, all of Newcastle’s – music haven. The Con prides itself on engaging with the community by delivering an extensive range of music lessons. This gem is also located in the Newcastle City Precinct and is in constant demand for concerts.

No matter how obscure the instrument is you want to learn, chances are the Con has classes for it. On top of individual tuition, there are nearly twenty different ensembles and choirs you can join.

Whether it’s classical, rock, jazz, pop, folk or electronic, the Con’s staff are experts in their fields who cater for all ages and levels of experience. Find a program to suit you.

If learning an instrument isn’t your thing, make sure to check out one of the many, many concerts performed here. Because really – is there anything better than live music?

So there you have it – a complete guide to the arts and culture at the University of Newcastle. What are you waiting for? Go get creative! *commences cello playing*

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