Why you should stay in touch with the University after graduation

Congratulations! You’ve put in the hard yards and finally have your degree. Time to toss that graduation cap up in the air and celebrate. Sayonara Blackboard. Adios exams.

But you didn’t think you were completely done with the University now did you?

*drum roll*

Enter University of Newcastle Alumni.

The University of Newcastle Alumni Network is made up of 143,000 diverse people from across 145 countries. By becoming part of the Alumni network, you have the chance to share skills and knowledge, meet new people and reminisce on your time studying here. Plus, think of all those great networking and professional development opportunities.

As a University of Newcastle alum you’re also entitled to heaps of exclusive alumni-only benefits and services (just because you’re making graduate dollars, that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a good deal when it comes your way). Unlock your alumni benefits and gain access to things like 15% off 12-month gym memberships at The Forum; eJournal and library access; career development services; and more. You can also nominate someone (or be nominated yourself!) for an Alumni Award.

If you’re planning on staying in the Newcastle region upon graduation – great news – you’re automatically a member of the Hunter Alumni Network. With more than 70 000 members, the Hunter Alumni Network hosts regular events like Happy Hour drinks and guest speakers to help you expand your professional and social connections.

Outside of the Hunter region, the Sydney Alumni Network is the largest, boasting 10 000 members.

Basically, no matter where you end up in the world, you can be sure there is always another University of Newcastle graduate nearby.

If you’re looking for an alumni network closest to you, check out details of our Australian and Global networks. 

How can I join?

The most important think you can do upon graduating is to update your details in your MyHub account and continue to check your preferred email – doing this means the University can tell you about any fab events for alumni happening in your region! It will also give you access to our monthly alumni newsletter, so you can find out about the inspirational things fellow graduates are achieving (and maybe brag about yourself as well).

When it comes down to it, the University wants to share your accomplishments with the world and inspire current students. So don’t hide, be proud and be a part of the University of Newcastle alumni.

For more information on being part of Alumni, head on over to newcastle.edu.au/alumni and check out the Alumni pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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