The University of Newcastle is so much more than JUST Callaghan campus. As a student whose classes are based out of the City Precinct, I get that sometimes it’s easy to feel out of the loop (cue Shannon Noll ‘What about me?’). But in actual fact, there’s a heap of regular events based out of the other campuses. Wondering how you can find out about these? I’ve got you covered.

Student Central Social Media

If you haven’t already, make sure to give the Student Central Facebook page a like. This is my one-stop-shop for everything UON. In a way, it’s like the service station of Facebook pages. It covers all of your essentials and is always open in your time of need. Think: job alerts, key date reminders (e.g. Census Date), campus updates, scholarships, Navigator articles and, most importantly, events. If you click on the ‘Events’ tab down the side bar, it will show you all the upcoming events in the near future at UON. Better still, it provides links to each individual event so you can RSVP and find out more information.

Event announcements aren’t limited to those organised by Student Central. There are also frequent club and society events announcements so you can find out about what they’re hosting.

If Facebook just isn’t your thing, Student Central is also on Instagram (@uonstudentcentral) and Snapchat (uni_newcastle). Here you can catch great insight into a bunch of the events run on campus. For more information, make sure to slide into their DMs. Plus if you subscribe to the Youtube channel you’ll never miss a trusty What’s On Video from Navigtor’s own, Dom Fitzgerald.


I may be awful at replying to texts and emails, but the one thing I religiously check is MyUON. Now I’m sure you’re all super familiar with MyHub, UONline, email etc (if you’ve managed to get through university without checking MyUON I’m seriously impressed), but you may not be aware of its ‘Events’ feature.

Rather than having to go scouring across the UON website, the app pulls all the events relevant for current students. Next time you’re on the app make sure to have a look!

UNSA Facebook

The University of Newcastle Students Association (UNSA) regularly host events which make your uni life a little bit easier and a lot more fun.

UNSA offers free breakfast, BBQs, sporting equipment, sexual health and hygiene supplies and games and activities. That’s a LOT of free. On top of that, there’s often discounted First Aid, RSA and RCG courses. If you want to learn more about UNSA check out the facebook here.

Yak Media

Yak Media is media made by students, for students. They are the only media club on campus and they provide updates about events, opportunities for students, plus fun stuff like reviews, think pieces, and more. Follow Yak on Facebook and Youtube to keep up to date with campus and student life.

Check your emails

In my inbox right now I have 2082 unread emails. Don’t be like me! Actually open your emails! Especially the ones from the University of Newcastle. If you don’t check them, you will never know what vital intel you might be missing. So often I receive ones about interesting keynote speakers, opportunities and important dates. Usually as exam time rolls around each semester there’s a particularly helpful one about the exam timetable and where to get exam help. For example if you opened the last one they sent you, you would’ve seen this trusty article on how to make the most of your memory aid. Your faculty may even have a newsletter: e.g. the Faculty of Business and Law frequently send out newsletters covering international trips, general updates and job/internship opportunities!

Keep an eye out on campus

UON’s toilets are a bit different than those at your traditional shopping centres. Rather than seeing ads for IBS or UTI medication, you’re way more likely to come across a ‘What’s On’ poster: an informative and welcome change. These are also scattered around campus in areas that aren’t toilets. Pay attention to digital signage at your campus – they’re those TV screens you see scattered around the place –  as well – this is specifically tailored to your campus so you stay in the know about events which matter to you.


Sarah James is a third year Bachelor of Communication/Laws (Honours) student. Newcastle born and bred, in her spare time she loves discovering hidden foodie gems and traveling to new places.

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