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Not just a piece of paper; skills beyond the degree

Have you ever thought of the successes and impact we made in life that were directly or indirectly facilitated by people around us or the environment we live in? Without them, we may never have made it through.   A thought struck me when I was on my way home after a long night of studying and assignments rushing in the library. I was in the … Continue reading Not just a piece of paper; skills beyond the degree

How to find out what’s on at each campus

The University of Newcastle is so much more than JUST Callaghan campus. As a student whose classes are based out of the City Precinct, I get that sometimes it’s easy to feel out of the loop (cue Shannon Noll ‘What about me?’). But in actual fact, there’s a heap of regular events based out of the other campuses. Wondering how you can find out about these? I’ve got you covered.

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How to stay connected with your friends and family throughout isolation

COVID-19 has made the world shift in a way that we’ve never seen before. Amongst quarantine, social distancing, isolation, business closures and job losses it’s no surprise many are finding it challenging to adjust and remain connected with others in the process.

I always knew I was an extrovert but spending the past couple of weeks inside with minimal exposure to the world outside my small unit and my housemate has made me realise how reliant I am on face-to-face contact with others. With all my University courses now online, the ability to work from home and social distancing guidelines in place, I am one of the lucky ones who have the ability to isolate themselves during this time. Trust me, during my first few days of isolation I didn’t feel lucky at all. As a fairly social and active person, staying indoors all day made me feel more disconnected to the world around me than I ever have despite access full to social media and the news.

Above all, my first couple of weeks practising social distancing has made me realise the importance of staying close to those you care about and taking the time to work on relationships despite the barrier of physical isolation.

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How to level up and add ‘award-winning’ to your resume

The best thing about the Student Engagement Awards isn’t getting glammed up for the night, or trying to eat all the tapas you can manage, or even snapping that perfect pic for your Instagram story (although these are some great perks). The best thing about your Student Engagement Award is what comes next. Not only do you get the shiny certificate, but you also get to note on your resume that you were a winner. Pretty impressive stuff!

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Beyond the Resume: Why More and More Students are Volunteering

Becoming a volunteer doesn’t have to be a chore or even just something to chuck onto your resume and hope it impresses whoever is reading it.

As well as providing a platform for skill and network building, volunteering also allows students to get real world experience in areas of the community which they find interesting and even within organisations directly linked to future career goals.

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Who is the VC and what does he do?

Throughout your time at the University of Newcastle you’re going to get to know a ton of interesting people. However, someone you will likely hear a lot about but may not get a chance to meet – except perhaps in your Orientation Welcome Session, at the Vice-Chancellor’s Student Welcome or your graduation – is the Vice-Chancellor.

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Finding your community as an international student

Wanting to make friends upon arrival, but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got your sorted!

With expertise from the University of Newcastle’s International Engagement Manager, Lauren Miles, we discuss finding a connection to your roots and how to immerse yourself in the colourful culture of Newcastle, the University and beyond.

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A woman holds a sign saying "Give. Thanks" in a green field

4 ways you can give back to your student community

When was the last time you felt the rush of warm and fuzzy feelings you receive after doing something good for someone else? Well, I challenge you to do something great for your student community. And if you don’t get that rush of good feelings after 30 days… I was going to offer you some money back but who am I kidding. I’m a uni … Continue reading 4 ways you can give back to your student community