2021 undergraduate academic excellence scholars announced!

Are you looking for the perfect motivation to study hard and aim for excellence this year?  The Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognising Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies is just the thing for you!

In 2019 our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alex Zelinsky launched a scholarship for undergraduate students that rewards outstanding dedication to their university degree and excellence in academic endeavour. The scholarship is a reflection of how our University embraces and rewards hard work and acknowledges that success is built from persistence, dedication and a commitment to the highest standards.

The scholarship is open to all returning undergraduate students, both domestic and international, and it rewards students who are dedicated to their studies and have maintained a GPA of a Distinction or above. Unlike other scholarships there is no application process; the scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the heads of schools. If you’re someone who is passionate about your studies and that passion is reflected in your grades and impact on your school, you could be a recipient of this Scholarship in 2022!

Want a cool $10,000?

And just in case the honour of being recognised for academic excellence isn’t motivation enough, scholars receive a cool $10,000 to aid their studies and are then encouraged to become ambassadors of their program, allowing for more of a chance to invest in their studies and field.

Congrats to our 2021 scholars!

The news is in! The 2021 recipients of the Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognising Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies are:

  • Yuchen Zhao
  • Meini Wang
  • Jiarui Jiang
  • Isabella Roope
  • Georgia Debono
  • Tomas Parkinson
  • Julia Saco
  • Darcy Dunlop
  • Brooklyn Daniels
  • Kayla Murray
  • Luke Lewis
  • Joshua Bywater
  • Lachlan Westfall
  • Nicholas Gilbert
  • Lukas Binninger
  • Thomas O’Dea
  • Christian Langley
  • Jacob Carson
  • Thomas Loughnan
  • Thisara Chathuranga
  • Jason Rodriguez
  • Zafreen Sultana
  • Jia Lim
  • Bradley Martin
  • Rebecca Gibson
  • Liam Jarrett
  • Hannah Lenthall
  • Ryan Hansen
  • Dominic Barnes
  • Jessica Frangos
  • Emily Ng
  • Britta Meany
  • Quynh Truc Tran
  • Shaun Wilkinson
  • Sarah Hennessy
  • Iyla Nordin
  • Marvin Thurlow
  • Monica Denis
  • Pui Yee Li
  • Jenna Mitchell
  • William Davis
  • Lauren Saunders
  • Marcus Chijoff
  • Lucy Dowdell
  • Clare Corliss
  • Bianca Cranswick
  • Caitlyn Watts
  • Amy Stephens
  • Elsa Schnyder
  • Natalie Fiehn
  • Hayley Ayres
  • Makayla Bradford

If you want to know more about what it means to be an inspiring and dedicated student of our University, keep an eye on Navigator over the coming weeks where you’ll find profiles on some of the 2021 scholarship winners. You can also check out the stories of the 2020 scholars here. Congratulations again to this year’s scholars – and thanks for the inspiration!

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