Student Stories: Pride Week Edition!

Ever wondered what makes a University of Newcastle student tick? What their favourite thing about Uni is, or even any sneaky student tips?

Well Navigator has got you covered, we sat down (virtually), with a representative from the Queer Collective Max Tran to get the inside scoop on all things student life at the University of Newcastle with a rapid fire round of 20 questions.

  1. What degree are you studying?

I’m currently studying a Master of Public Health but my background is in Psychology

  1. What led to studying at the Uni of Newcastle

I really loved the idea of Newcastle being somewhere between a smaller rural town and a big city – a nice balance.

  1. If you weren’t studying this degree, what would you do?                  I’ve always thought that I’d enjoy radiation science! I don’t really know why but I look forward to the mid-life career change
  1. What’s your favourite study spot on campus?

    It would definitely be in the AIC (at least when there is less COVID and renovations happening).

  1. If you could study anywhere in the world, where would you study?

It would be at the University of Glasgow with Professor Rory O’Connor.

  1. What are you most proud of?

I think my Honours thesis might be my biggest achievement to-date. But I definitely get a lot from being involved with the Queer Collective and helping community thrive.

  1. Would you rather only do group assignments or presentations for the rest of your degree?

Definitely presentations. Most of the work I’d do in the future would rely on public speaking, plus after a while they get a little bit less stressful.

  1. What’s your favourite student perk?

I think not paying for journal access and getting cheaper software packages probably has the biggest impact. But other discount codes are pretty sweet too!

  1. What’s the biggest uni mistake you’ve ever made?

Thankfully, I haven’t made too many. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if I did more semesters part time, rather than stressing myself out to get my undergrad finished ASAP. It probably would have been more enjoyable in the earlier years and maybe less of a mental health burden.

  1. What motivates you to study?

I genuinely enjoy learning and sharing knowledge so I don’t find it too hard to get motivated (mental health notwithstanding). If the subject area is something I enjoy more, that only makes it easier.

  1. Go to mid-study sesh snack?

Choccy milk! (if we’re counting milk as a snack)

  1. What topic could you lecture on if you were a professor?

Ummm, queer student mental health is my research area at the moment, so most likely that!

  1. What’s the best thing about studying at Uni of Newcastle?

It would be the bushland campus environment. Even though this goes hand-in-hand with the mosquito problem, which is far from the best.

  1. What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

Breaking Free for sure!

  1. What’s your dream job at the end of your degree?

I would love to be in a role that allowed me to do a combination of health promotions and academia or research.

  1. Do you study better in the morning or the night?

I study better in the morning but around 10am-12pm, not like the crack of dawn.

  1. What’s your favourite way to celebrate the end of the semester?

A nap? Haha. Followed by catching up on everything I’ve neglected whilst writing final assignments

  1. What can you not live without at uni?

It is easy to go with the Bakehouse or Pinkies which would be sorely missed. But honestly, the staff members who have put so much time and energy into my education would impact me the most – hands downs.

  1. Describe your study style in 3 words.

“Sporadically organised chaos”

  1. What would you tell your first-year self?

Suss out more clubs and collectives!


Well, there you have it, a quick insight into the mystifying brain of a University of Newcastle Student.

If you have any further questions for Max, or want to get involved in University of Newcastle’s Queer Community make sure to check out the Queer Collective!


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