Photo of a man sitting at his laptop with a frustrated look on his face, holding his hands up to his head

Preparations for Placement

The preparations for placement can take bit of time and planning. But there’s a payoff – you get to experience the fun, dynamic, intense and often life-affirming joys of placement. This is a glimpse into a possible future and it’s something to be excited about! Connect to your supports It’s vital to line up your supports before you need them. Nurture your connections with friends, … Continue reading Preparations for Placement

A woman in a support services role smiling at a male student sitting opposite her desk

University Support Services for Squeaky-Wheels

Although your wheels have not come off, perhaps they are noticeably squeaky and need an oil; you don’t need to be struggling to access support services.  As rhythmically as the change in seasons the year used to have, by now most of us are finding ourselves in something of a uni/life groove. There are some of us (the exceptions of the time management poor cliche of … Continue reading University Support Services for Squeaky-Wheels