How to master your student emails

Ping. Ping. That’s not your microwave – it’s another email arriving in your inbox. Before you roll your eyes and shut your laptop, let’s pause to consider the importance of this modern-day carrier pigeon. In addition to Blackboard, your student email account is the primary means of communication you have with tutors and course coordinators. You’ll find info on assignments, room changes and general admin here. If you’re struggling with course content, emails provide an appropriate and welcome channel to reach out to academic staff for help. Your inbox is also home to messages from the uni like surveys, careers insights and emergency information such as campus closures and pandemic updates.

If emails are so handy, how do we best utilise them and what language or tone should we be using in them? What should we do if we are new to uni, or just haven’t got the hang of NuMail? Or say, asking for a friend, our inbox is piling up and feels impossible to manage. Read on – Navigator has you covered.

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How to Balance Study with COVID-19 Anxiety

You wake up with a sore throat and assume the worst is coming. You check your inbox and see the bills you need to pay, even though you’ve lost your job. Maybe you’re not worried about yourself, but you are concerned for a family member.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our mental wellbeing. When everything feels out of balance, it can feel impossible to keep up with something so ordinary as uni.

I Zoomed in for a cup of tea with University Counsellor, Dr Emma Kerr, to talk about the ways the pandemic is affecting students’ mental health. Emma also shared her top 3 tips on how to manage those feelings while soldiering on with uni.

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How to access essential uni and non-uni services: COVID-19

The past few weeks have been a tumultuous time for Australians, as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread around the globe, eventually being announced as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation.

University of Newcastle Students are now studying from home – some have lost work; others are balancing their course loads with caring for sick relatives or home-schooling children. It is important to note that amid all the chaos, support services are available.

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10 things you swear you’ll do better every year – and how to actually do them

Ah, the start of a new semester. A magical time full of positive intentions, where we students resolve to overhaul our schedules and eliminate bad habits. For one reason or another, those goals don’t always manifest – but I’ve got a feeling 2020 is our time to shine! Here are 10 things I swear to be better at this year, with some practical solutions I hope you’ll try along with me.

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Don’t fall at the finish line: advice for soon-to-be graduates

For some of us, this November represents more than the end of semester two; it marks the completion of our degrees. Cue trumpets! Cue fanfare! Cue one million insta likes!

But in order to show off the cap and gown, you’ve got to work hard to pass all those final subjects. When the finish line is so close, it can be tempting to take your foot off the pedal and coast…

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