Shea Evans


It can be incredibly hard to find focus at home during this trying period of global pandemic. There’s a sudden surplus of time for Netflix, reading, social media, language learning, and creativity, we’re all on permanent staycation! Except, we’re not. There’s still work to do, bills to pay, and, of course, assignments.

Assignments can be hard enough to get done on a regular basis. How are you supposed to manage your time and complete that quiz when you’ve just remembered that the guitar you’ve been meaning to restring for three years is sitting in the cupboard, calling your name? And how could you open a textbook in a time like this, when this is the perfect opportunity to finally get around to reading War and Peace? Procrastination can be a killer of productivity. Luckily for you, Navigator has compiled a volume of handy tips all sourced from university staff and your fellow students.