How to Balance Study with COVID-19 Anxiety

You wake up with a sore throat and assume the worst is coming. You check your inbox and see the bills you need to pay, even though you’ve lost your job. Maybe you’re not worried about yourself, but you are concerned for a family member.

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our mental wellbeing. When everything feels out of balance, it can feel impossible to keep up with something so ordinary as uni.

I Zoomed in for a cup of tea with University Counsellor, Dr Emma Kerr, to talk about the ways the pandemic is affecting students’ mental health. Emma also shared her top 3 tips on how to manage those feelings while soldiering on with uni.

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Why Semester 2 can feel like a struggle

There’s something about second semester that just doesn’t feel right. Regardless of how organised, prepared and motivated I am at the beginning, how much I nag and lecture myself, I just can’t seem to get my sh*t together. I usually begin the semester full of lofty ideals and ready for war. I leave cute little notes around reminding me to keep my chin up, and … Continue reading Why Semester 2 can feel like a struggle

Study plans: The Navigator how-to

Let’s get this out of the way: I am a planning nerd. I love making timetables, charts, and colour coding things. When I enter Officeworks I strut like Tobey McGuire in Spiderman 3. Enjoying this planning business is fortuitous because, for me, it’s totally necessary. Alongside full-time uni, I have three casual jobs, a small army of children and a partner I enjoy spending time … Continue reading Study plans: The Navigator how-to

Stressed for success

It’s exam time! [Cue Jaws theme, strobe lights, distant screaming] Stress is the name of the game. Over in engineering they are trying to calculate it, the psych students are plowing into the subconscious trying to connect it to your mother, the humanities crew are arguing it’s just a social construct, while over in the visual arts precincts they’re just splattering paint everywhere and screaming. … Continue reading Stressed for success