6 tips for approaching lecturers

Lecturers can seem scary. It’s completely understandable. They are all knowing (yes, they know you haven’t caught up on that lecture), so asking for help can be a pretty daunting prospect. But guess what: their main goal is to help you. No matter how intimidating approaching your lecturer might appear, it’s best to just bite the bullet. Here are our top tips to overcoming that … Continue reading 6 tips for approaching lecturers

The 5 best ways to stay informed at Uni Newcastle

1.   Navigator (aka this trusty blog) Navigator is maintained by a team of students just like you! Every article written on our blog is created by students for students. It’s a safe place for students to share the realities faced when studying at university. We aim to connect with students who have encountered similar experiences and help them in some way. Navigator is a great … Continue reading The 5 best ways to stay informed at Uni Newcastle

The A-Z of university classes

Transitioning into uni life can sometimes feel like a challenging process, especially when it comes to sorting out your classes. The style of classes you will take are often very different to those in high school or TAFE. We understand it may be confusing when your timetable displays a mix of workshops, lectures, labs, tutorials and seminars. So, to help wrap your head around it, … Continue reading The A-Z of university classes

How to declutter your uni life

Sem 1 is over! Time to forget it ever happened, cleanse your pile of notes and study debris with some soothing fire and develop a skin of rational ignorance regarding uni, at least until it’s time to enrol for the next one. But what if this isn’t the best idea? No, no. Don’t leave! Hear me out. A little bit of decluttering and organising can … Continue reading How to declutter your uni life

What to do if your degree isn’t right for you

You might have had a change of heart career-wise, or you might not have known what you wanted to do with your life and just jumped the gun. When six assignments are all due at once and you’ve got family and work commitments (and probably a million other tasks), it’s natural for the negative thoughts to start creeping in. You’re not the only one who … Continue reading What to do if your degree isn’t right for you

Why you should give PASS a go

Have you ever felt like you’re struggling to understand your course content? Like you need someone to break it down into your language? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This is where PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) is able to help. What is PASS? PASS Program Coordinator Karen Cutts, says PASS is a “regularly scheduled, super-charged study session” led by a student who has … Continue reading Why you should give PASS a go

All about scholarships

Now is the time to start thinking about applying for scholarships. Yet, some students might hesitate to apply because they think they won’t qualify or don’t even know about the scholarships on offer. But what do you have to lose by applying? Trust me, there’s something for everyone. Not convinced? Just read what Uni of Newcastle Scholarships Senior Advisor, Amy Reeves, has to say. What scholarships … Continue reading All about scholarships

How to study smarter

Studying at university can be tough sometimes. If you’re a recent school leaver you may find your tried and trusted study skills are no longer working for you in the university environment. Alison Hillier from Academic Learning Support refers to this as the ‘culture shock’ – where previously successful students become crippled by having to self-direct their learning, as well as becoming derailed by their … Continue reading How to study smarter

Orientation: The what, where, when and why

What is Orientation? It’s excitement time. Orientation is your first chance to experience uni life and what it’s like to be a student at Uni of Newcastle. You can interact and network with other students, both new and continuing, and learn about all the experiences and opportunities on offer at the University of Newcastle. During Orientation you will get to meet the staff helping you … Continue reading Orientation: The what, where, when and why

What YOU need to do to get the most out of University

The University of Newcastle cares. Really, it does. Plenty of support services are provided to make studying as enjoyable and smooth as possible. But, the uni can’t do it all for you. Sometimes, the onus is squarely on you to make the most of these services. What’s that cliché expression again? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink? To … Continue reading What YOU need to do to get the most out of University