The 4 best ways to stay informed at University

1.   Navigator (aka this trusty blog)

Navigator is maintained by a team of students just like you! Every article written on our blog is created by students for students. It’s a safe place for students to share the realities faced when studying at university. We aim to connect with students who have encountered similar experiences and help them in some way.

Navigator is a great student blog to check when you feel stressed, homesick or are struggling with some of the challenges of studying. All sorts of stories are posted on the blog and created around the themes of ‘Academic Success’, ‘Your Future’, ‘Taking Care of You’, ‘Social Life’ and ‘Your Stories’. 

2.   That email thing everyone talks about

Every time somebody at the uni tries to contact you it will typically be through your uni emails. Through my own experiences with uni emails, I’ve realised some pretty important things come through there. Okay story time!

In my first year at uni I never checked my emails and therefore I did not realise that the fees office had been trying to contact me about overdue fees. After five ignored emails my uni account was blocked right before all my final assignments were due and when I finally called to find out what’s going on, I was told that I enrolled as a New Zealand citizen and owed tuition fees (I am not a New Zealand citizen by the way). It’s quite horrific hearing you owe $4,000 you don’t have… trust me, I know. Paperwork was filed and corrected which fixed the problem, but moral of the story is if I would have just checked my uni emails this would have been sorted with way less stress.

I am now logged in to my emails through Outlook on my phone so I get notifications when I receive an email (I’m not having the citizenship mishap happen to me again).

And keep an eye on your student inbox for The Know – your weekly student email. The Know has articles, hints and tips about uni life, as well as listings for what’s on around campus and the latest jobs from our Careers Service. It’s your surefire way to stay in the know, so to speak.

3.   Your familiar friend Facebook

I know you spend most of your time on Facebook anyways, so why not do something productive with your Newsfeed and go ahead and like University of Newcastle Students on Facebook.

You’ll stay informed of upcoming events like gigs on campus, stress less week, parties, Brazilian dance lessons and nutrition week. They also post job alerts from the latest job listings from Career Hub. Other posts include tips, tricks and support like exam pop-up stalls that provide you with chocolate after your exam – you wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

4.   Your new best friend AskUON

AskUON is a great tool provided by the uni. Essentially it is a search engine that answers any queries you may have about uni. You can seriously type in anything uni related to AskUON – no joke. For example, what are the dates for Summer Term? What will my tuition fees be? What’s the difference between HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP? Or can I resubmit assignments on Turnitin?

Seriously I have asked it everything, AskUON is my saviour and will provide you with the answer or will give insight on where to get it.

Don’t believe me? Test it for yourself here: AskUON

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