The best thing about the Student Engagement Awards isn’t getting glammed up for the night, or trying to eat all the tapas you can manage, or even snapping that perfect pic for your Instagram story (although these are some great perks). The best thing about your Student Engagement Award is what comes next. Not only do you get the shiny certificate, but you also get to note on your resume that you were a winner. Pretty impressive stuff!


Living in a share house is a rite of passage for many uni students. There’s nothing quite like the joy of coming home to find your housemate has decided to have a house party on a Monday night when you have an exam the next day. Although the flip side is finding a bunch of people who you can laugh, cry and share budget vegan recipes with as you make memories that last a lifetime.

The first annual First Nation Celebration marks a new era for Indigenous cultural awareness at UON.

The week-long series of both entertaining and educational events organised and run by the Newcastle University Students Association (NUSA) and the Indigenous Collective will assist in supporting and acknowledging First Nation people within the university community.

Not long ago, I had a very close friend of mine experience a major loss. Given the circumstances, they seemed to be coping well. They were going to work, keeping up with their social and sporting commitments and had an extraordinarily well-rehearsed speech they would perform when asked how they were doing. A speech that was so reassuring, it managed to fool even me for months, and now I look back on it, probably over a year.

Becoming a volunteer doesn’t have to be a chore or even just something to chuck onto your resume and hope it impresses whoever is reading it.

As well as providing a platform for skill and network building, volunteering also allows students to get real world experience in areas of the community which they find interesting and even within organisations directly linked to future career goals.

It’s well known that UON’s annual Festival of Autonomy is one of the largest events on the student calendar.

The week-long celebration marking the declaration of UON as an independent tertiary institution separated from UNSW is packed with various activities, exhibitions and performances all culminating in the legendary extravaganza of Autonomy Party.

Parallel to past international social and political movements, UON was not granted autonomy easily or without conflict.

Upsides of studying at home: Pyjamas, privacy, peace and quiet, Netflix, bed…

Downside of studying at home: How much study did you actually do?

Trekking to campus can sometimes be an effort, but the atmosphere of studying around other students has a tendency to switch you from procrastination into productive mode. Or maybe you don’t want to study near other students and read your textbooks in a Fortress of Solitude. Either way, you can find both of these on campus!