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Recognising and Preventing Burnout

We’re already halfway through the semester?! Gosh, time flies! Realising how much piled up work and commitments we have on our plate. BURNOUT ALERT INCOMING!! As a final-year student, I can feel the burnout coming from all directions! Juggling academic responsibilities, placements and internships, volunteering hours, social engagements with family and friends, and personal development of our own passion projects and hobbies as well as career … Continue reading Recognising and Preventing Burnout

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Your Stories – Meet ‘Z’

Name: Z, the “Love Letters Revived” current admin.  How did you come to be the admin of UON Love Letters Revived?  About nine months ago I messaged the Love Letters page and asked if they wanted a hand managing it or wanted to hand the page over. About three months later, Jackson (the original admin) replied back. He mentioned he was in his final year … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet ‘Z’

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5 fun ways to unplug, relax and unwind! 

University can be stressful and how we use our down time can massively shape how we feel in the week ahead. If (like me) you often find yourself feeling glued to your phone or endlessly scrolling social media and then getting frustrated that you can’t seem to stop, you might want to try going on a Digital Detox.  The concept of Digital Detoxing has been … Continue reading 5 fun ways to unplug, relax and unwind! 

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Relaxing and recharging after a busy week

Around the middle of semester, it’s easy to get so caught up in study that we find it difficult to remind ourselves to take breaks and do things we enjoy. But to have the energy to tackle the rest of our classes, assignments and exams, it’s important to take time to reflect and relax when we can.   ‘Rest is not idle, not wasteful. Sometimes rest … Continue reading Relaxing and recharging after a busy week

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Your Stories – Meet Gemma

Name: Gemma  Degree: Bachelor of Communications majoring in Public Relations  What made you decide to do this degree?  I originally started in media production. In high school I wanted to be a librarian, I was really set on that but all of my teachers said go to uni, aim higher ad keep your options open. That’s when I found the Bachelor of Communication. In year … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Gemma

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How to embrace travel opportunities as a HDR student

Did you know that MPhil and PhD students are often encouraged to undertake domestic and international travel for their research? As a PhD student nearing the end of my studies, my biggest advice for new and continuing HDR students is to embrace opportunities for travel so that you can enhance your research profile while making memories for a lifetime – a real win-win! It’s worth … Continue reading How to embrace travel opportunities as a HDR student

Salwa standing in front of the University of Newcastle sign smiling

Your Stories – Meet Salwa

Name: Salwa  Degree: PhD Education  What degree are you currently studying and why?    I am doing a PhD in Education and this is my last year of study. I was very humbled that I received an Australian government scholarship through an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) to pursue my doctoral degree at the University of Newcastle. I am studying education as I come from a … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Salwa

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Unleash your professional potential: Making the most of LinkedIn

In this digital era of professional networking, there is a platform that is super useful for boosting your career opportunities- LinkedIn. Think of it as a virtual gateway to showcase your skills and connect with potential employers. If you’re looking to create or rehaul your LinkedIn profile, read on for some quick tips! Boosting your online presence and employability starts with creating a magnetic profile. … Continue reading Unleash your professional potential: Making the most of LinkedIn

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What I didn’t know about the Chaplaincy service, and why it’s pretty useful

Take a slight detour from the Maths bus stop and you’ll find a bunch of people in the Education (V) building you never knew you needed. The Chaplaincy provides some handy services to current students- if you need some documents signed by a Justice of the Peace, want to play a game of chess or just someone to chat with – you can’t miss their … Continue reading What I didn’t know about the Chaplaincy service, and why it’s pretty useful

Transform your life with the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program

The University of Newcastle offers a wide variety of scholarships which can provide students with anything from a bit of extra financial support, right up to once in a lifetime opportunities for education. Born from the desire to build and inspire the next generation of globally aware and socially conscious Australian leaders, the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program is one of the University’s most beneficial … Continue reading Transform your life with the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program

Phoebe holding her camera and sitting on the bench on the Don Morris walk

Your Stories – Meet Phoebe

Name: Phoebe Degree: Bachelor of Communication What pushed you to study this degree? I’m a non-school leaver, mature aged student here but I started my studies at Charles Sturt University in 2015. I went from doing English and Drama majors in the HSC to studying Teaching at CSU, majoring in English. I lasted 18 months in the degree but there were two reasons why I … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Phoebe

Your Stories – Meet Leto

Name: Leto Degree: Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Media Arts Production Why did you decide to do a communications degree? In year 10, a careers advisor asked us “what do you want to do?”. People were saying standard occupations, but I wanted to be more interesting so I said film making, and ever since then it’s essentially chosen my degree for me. I realised I … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Leto