Online vs on-campus study

The online leaning world is continuing to develop and grow. Have you ever wondered how studying online is different from studying on campus? We interviewed some UON students to give us insight into the main differences between studying online vs on-campus.

Online Study

What’s involved?

Studying online through UON means that you will do the same coursework as students studying on-campus, but you can get it done wherever you want, whenever you want.

Instead of travelling to campus every day, all of your learning is done online from the comfort of your own home, or even from your luxurious holiday through your villa’s free Wi-Fi.

However, studying online requires a different approach to learning as you need to be constantly engaging with your peers and tutors online. If you’re like me and need someone to tell you what to do and lack self-discipline because your 10-minute study break turned into a five hour one, then studying online may require you to work hard at your time management, dedication, discipline and persistence.

On the other hand, if you have a busy lifestyle or are currently struggling to figure out how to fit study in your schedule, take a look at online UON’s online degree options – they may be more suited to your needs.

What you’ll have access to

  • Unlimited all-hours access to interactive online learning system.
  • Teachers who are experienced in online delivery.
  • Lots of online library resources.
  • Access to library services, counselling, careers assistance, IT services and more.

From the students

Master of Marketing student, Rowena Grant says:

“I study online because I work full-time and have kids, so my life can be pretty hectic!

Studying online is great because instead of having to be in a lecture theatre or a seminar at a certain time each week, I can be a bit more flexible with my study.

While I’ve found that it’s still best to schedule regular times to do uni work, I can schedule those times at ridiculous hours that a lecture would never be on and that completely fits with my lifestyle and schedule.

Plus, if something important comes up, I know that I’m not going to miss out on that week’s content just because I can’t make it to class. The difference between that and just using Echo360 to catch up is that my courses are designed for online students, so we’re given all the information online and won’t miss out on anything just because we’re not on campus.”

On-Campus Study

What’s involved?

Traveling to campus may seem like a drag, but once you’re here campus can be fun. There are students from over 122 countries at UON, which is pretty cool if you ask me. Of course the food selections are top notch with a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and entertainment happening every week. The natural bush environment is also amazing, so coming to uni forces you to study and to spend time outside, walking to classes; and of course fresh air and exercise is great for the brain .

For each 10 unit course that you are enrolled in you will have to attend class as well as do additional study from home. Usually, you will spend between three and five hours on campus attending lectures and other course components. Depending on your timetable, it could be condensed into two to three days or spread over five days. The remaining hours of study will be self-directed, which you can get done at home, in the Library or maybe make a study group – that’s always fun.

If you’re a social butterfly and prefer a traditional face-to-face class environment then studying on campus may be what you’re after!

What you’ll have access to

  • Face-to-face teaching environment
  • Restaurants, cafes and entertainment
  • Campus shuttle buses
  • Relaxing natural setting
  • Libraries
  • Sporting facilities
  • Student accommodation
  • Support services

From the students

Bachelor of Education student, Amy Tyler says:

“I am currently studying across campuses at both Ourimbah and Callaghan. Ourimbah is the perfect campus for a quiet study area, close to home and provides me with what I need to get through my assignments.

Callaghan supplies many more interesting course options for my degree. Callaghan has anything and everything that I may need for studying or to simply socialise between classes.

I really enjoy both campuses and have begun to use their resources a lot more. I have strong friendship groups at both campuses and look forward to my future studying at the University of Newcastle”.

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