Five Reasons to Attend Open Day

Open Day isn’t just for university newcomers and HSC-hustling high schoolers. It’s worth coming along and getting a rare glimpse of the very best our university has to offer on display, regardless of whether you’re three months or three years into your degree.

Postgrad Study

You may not be aware of it, but Open Day is as much an expo for postgraduate avenues of study and research as it is for those only just entering tertiary education. It’s very much the same deal as it was at your first Open Day; you rock up, there’s stalls, expos and talks for postgraduate options of all shapes and sizes, with lecturers, academics and industry experts to talk to. Postgraduate study can be great for those looking to take their study down a more specific route, get the most out of their time at university or gain new skills in their field. If you’ve ever felt that postgrad study may be for you, Open Day is the bar-none best way to find out.

Changing Programs

Switching degrees is a thought that’s crossed all of our minds at some point (typically exam week), but if you find yourself thinking, “damn, this is the third semester in a row that’s rubbed me completely wrong,” it may be worth your time checking out the other options available to you. Many students who’ve switched programs wished that they’d known of their switched-into degrees sooner. Even if it just means reconfirming the path you’re already on, it’s worthwhile seeing where other academic and practical pathways studying at the University of Newcastle can take you. There will be lots of friendly lecturers and faculty spokespersons who would be happy to talk to you about switching, how degrees compare and whether or not you may be eligible for a transfer of credit for completed courses.

Gettin’ Amongst It

Open Day is essentially the University on display. It’s designed to give newcomers a glimpse into all the possibilities of life as a university student, academic or otherwise. The Hunter side of Callaghan will become the University’s home of campus culture and lifestyle on Open Day, with a display of clubs and societies, food stalls, sporting activities, live music, street art and much more. If you’ve ever wondered how you can truly immerse yourself in the campus life outside of studying, this is the place to do it. Grab a hot dog and watch (or even participate in!) a game of Quidditch, catch some live music, peep a robotics demonstration – get amongst it!

Gettin’ Together

Kinda like that Beatles song: “Come together, right now, over me” (‘over me’ doesn’t make sense here but it’s in the song so I can’t do much about it). The good thing about Open Day is that everyone is there! Prospective students, current students, ex-students, lecturers, academics, industry leaders, experts and more, all under the same roof(s). Current students can benefit from Open Day by mixing with their cohort, meeting people from other degrees, and even networking with industry figures. Whether it’s making cohort contacts, talking shop with people in the industry, or finally asking your lecturers those obvious questions, there’s plenty to be gained by getting in the mix at this year’s Open Day. As the song goes: “Come together, yeah (x10)”.

Seen enough of Callaghan? Check out NuSpace – or vice versa

It’s odd how many Callaghan students without classes in NuSpace haven’t been to the CBD campus at all. NuSpace is the uni’s sparkling, oddly-angled jewel, our beautiful orange-and-yellow bump on the horizon. It’s worth seeing on Open Day, when it will be at its most on-display. Likewise, plenty of new students with classes exclusively at NewSpace haven’t had good reason to truly explore the many nooks and crannies of the sprawling Callaghan campus until now. With more happening across the Shortland and Hunter sides than ever before, it’s worth getting in touch with your roots. And best of all there’ll be a free shuttle bus running between the Callaghan and City precincts throughout the day.

Whether it’s getting the firsthand scoop on postgraduate study, other avenues of study and practice, campus life, exchange programs and much more, there’s plenty of good reason to swoop by this year’s bustling Open Day. Get out there, get together and get amongst it!

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