‘Enterprise’ and ‘innovation’ may sound like corporate buzzwords, and there seems to be a lingering misconception that enterprise and innovation apply just to business/engineering/science fields, but really their application is limitless. It’s all about big ideas, fresh ways of thinking and revolutionary approaches to doing things.

Wondering how you can bring this new mindset to your degree?

Well lucky for you, there’s a heap of individual courses as well as full programs at the University designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in these areas. Here are just a few:

ENVS1000 – Environmental Sustainability Explained

It’s no secret our planet is on a trajectory which will lead to disaster (climate change sceptics come at me). With so much of the damage already done and irreversible, innovative thinking in terms of environmental sustainability is urgently needed. As part of this course, you study the interactions and relations between humans and the earth, and how it influences future decision making. The primary aim is to help you make sound judgments concerning the environmental and sustainability issues which impinge on your own conduct as professionals, citizens and informed agents for change. Basically, you can practice environmental concepts and practices in whatever your chosen field of study is!

FMCS1000 – Film, Media, Culture

Media is an intrinsic part of our lives. Unless you’ve been living as a monk in the Himalayas, chances are you’ve grown up in a strong media culture. So why pass up the chance to study movies? As part of this course, you analyse the role of film and media in culture and individual lives, as well as how the media represents important aspects of contemporary culture. This covers topics like fandom, political narratives and social media.

MUSI1060 – Introduction to Digital Music Making

Think you could be the next Flume? Even if your musical skills are a little bit ~lacking~, everybody has to start somewhere! MUSI1060 involves graining practical skills in creative approaches to music editing, working with audio loops (eat your heart out Ed Sheeran), sampling technology and balancing/mixing levels. Best of all, there’s no need for expensive programs. It utilises standard computer hardware and freely downloadable computer software applications.

MNGT3007 – Social Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and innovation don’t just exist in a vacuum of ‘for-profit’ businesses. These skills are just as vital in other sectors like NGOs and charity groups. In this course, you put social entrepreneurship into a real-world context by examining the benefits/limitations and features of contemporary examples of socially entrepreneurial organisations.

CIND2000 – Creative Collaborations

Forging a career in the creative industries can be tough. You might be a design dynamo, but it’s hard to get a freelance job going if you don’t understand the business side of things. CIND2000 aims to remove that barrier by helping students develop knowledge on how creative professionals initiate, develop and deliver projects to clients, audiences and stakeholders. You also get to learn how project briefs are developed, the management of pre-production, production and post-production phases, and how projects are delivered to the client’s audience.

SWRK2005 – Violence, Abuse and Trauma: Theory and Practice

Domestic violence is an issue which is gripping the nation, with innovative approaches needed to help stop systemic abuse. Students analyse the social, physiological and political underpinnings of violence in society, and critically apply these to case examples. By drawing on a range of theories, perspectives and approaches, students learn how to develop strategies to handle confronting material encountered in the professional environment.


Sarah James is a third year Bachelor of Communication/Laws (Honours) student. Newcastle born and bred, in her spare time she loves discovering hidden foodie gems and traveling to new places.

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