A day in the life of a uni student

Every uni students experience is different, that’s what makes it fun! For many of you, university life is your first truly independent moment; a mix-n-match adventure where what happens on an hour-to-hour and day-to-day basis is entirely up to you.

With that said, here’s a rough draft of what a day in the life of a University of Newcastle student may look like. Feel free to take notes!


7am: Your alarm is buzzing! You packed your bag last night and left a water bottle next to the alarm to wake you up. Time to go!

7.15am: You finally stop hitting snooze. Classic. A light brekky and you’re good to go at 7.45am.

8am: Walking down from your on-campus residence, you make your way to an 8:15 AquaFITclass at The Forum, just a few hundred metres away. With dozens of different classes to choose at different times every day, you’ve been enjoying hitting up something new each week.

9.30am: Feeling a bit peckish after a brutal workout, you stop by the UNSA building to grab a cup of tea, some cereal and probably a few too many cookies from their free daily breakfast. A true lifesaver as you make your way to class.

10am: A two-hour tutorial in the Mathematics building. Discussion, weekly readings, group work, the whole shebang. Thankfully it’s not your week to present to the class (you should probably get started on that though).


Midday: Being thrown into the deep end of university can be tricky without some guidance. So, you’re meeting up for a coffee with your Peer Mentor to help show you the ropes of coursework and uni life. She’s a student who has been studying here for a few years and can offer some perspective.

This week you meet at Marmaduke café, next to the Brennan Room. On the list for discussion is: how did you approach this kind of problem question? Do you know what this word means in that context (Google isn’t helping)? Where else can I go to get academic help on campus? Which joint around here has the best coffee anyway? (Luckily she says Marmaduke, but admits the answer changes weekly.)

1pm: You’ve got work to do! Lunch in hand, you take a seat in the sun at Park on the Hill to watch an online lecture and catch up on some readings. People playing basketball, coming and going from Bar on the Hill, soaking up the sun. Good vibes all ‘round.

2.30pm: You’ve got somewhere else to be, but suddenly you remember! You were keen to hit up the Careers Service at the Shortland Building to beautify your resume and brush-up on interviewing skills. Not to worry! The Careers Express service is open from 9am-4:30pm Monday to Friday for quick, 10-minute drop-in consultations – perfect for fitting one in while dashing somewhere else.

3.02pm: Made it! Your Peer Mentor mentioned a Study Skills seminar happening at the Auchmuty Library at 3pm. You sit down just in time for a Learning Support team member to walk you through some valuable essay writing and time management techniques.

4pm: Time to burn. You spot some friends playing table tennis in the Auchmuty courtyard and get a few rounds in before the gang decides to start that group-work project they’ve been putting off. On your way back to your res, you see a couple more friendly faces in the Local Connections restaurant, so you stop by for a beverage and a snack. Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon!

5.30pm: Headphones in, you walk back to your Hunter-side student accommodation. Big green canopies overhead, dappled afternoon sunshine, grass underfoot – it’s been a good day.


6pm: You and your roommate whip up an omelette and some fried veggies to take down to the food hall for dinner. Better than the straight ramen noodles the guy next to you is chowing down on.

7pm: Your roommate heads back upstairs for a Married At First Sight marathon that you could do without (you’ve accepted your differences); it’s time to get together with one of the many clubs and societies on campus. Sporting? Language groups? Gaming, writing, movie-going, even Quidditching? There’s a club for just about everything, but tonight you’ve settled on a ‘Philosophy at the Pub’ meeting at the Clubhouse under Bar on the Hill.

8.30pm: The AIC in the Auchmuty Library is open 24/7 and it’s time to get started on that group presentation – at least according to one of your philosophy club friends. With Navigators study playlist on in the background, you settle in for a few hours hitting the books,

10.30pm: It’s late and the residencies are a bit of a walk. You call the Security Night Shuttle to give you a quick and safe lift from Shortland side to your doorstep in no time. A shower and some zen time with Married at First Sight (your roommate is still going) and you’re in bed by 11:30pm.

What’s on tomorrow? You’re working that night, gotta do a quiz and you wanted to check out that art gallery opening in town – but, of course, the way those pieces fall into place is entirely up to you. Have fun with it!

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