How to make the most of your summer break

After what feels like forever, the extended uni break is finally here and now all you’ve got left to do is actually decide what you’re going to do with it. Stuck for ideas? Have a read of some quick summer tips.

Work, work, work

Now I’m sure you’ve heard this suggestion a million times but the summer break is the perfect time to pick up some extra shifts at work and make some money free from any guilt that you should be studying. If you’re in retail or hospitality now is an especially good time to take advantage of extended trading hours and public holiday pay as the Christmas rush begins. If you’re starting out, CareerHub can help you find summer work or volunteering opportunities.


Don’t have a summer job or just have some spare time on your hands now that uni is over for the year? Volunteer! More than just a way to fill up your resume, volunteering gives you the chance to meet new people, get out of the house and spend some time helping others. You can become a volunteer here right at the Uni or you can check out external volunteer opportunities in Newcastle and the Hunter at Hunter Volunteer Centre.

Take a digital vacation

During the semester it can be difficult to switch off, so the summer break is a great time to have a digital detox. I’m not saying you should try and go the whole break without looking at your phone or watching Netflix but why not spend a day relaxing at the beach with a book or friends instead of the internet? You’ll be surprised how much stress being constantly digitally connected can bring you so why not try and put it down for a while and I promise you’ll start uni in 2021 feeling more refreshed than ever.

Do something new

During the semester life can be hectic and between classes, studying, and assessments it can be hard to keep up with everything you have to do let alone trying anything new. Couldn’t find the time to check out that surfing spot up the coast, start the new book everyone’s been talking about or even visit that nice new cafe? Now is the time so get going!

Do a summer course

Even though many students prefer to take a complete break from any form of uni work over the summer break, if you’re behind on your program plan, nearing the end of your degree or just want to get ahead – doing a summer course is a great idea especially as with two summer terms of course offerings, you’ll still have time to chill out before Semester One next year. See the uni website for information on courses available and the dates they are offered.

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