Staying on track mentally at the end of term

Does the thought of the end of a study term frighten you? Or are you blissfully in denial of all your deadlines and waiting for that final kick of high-pressure adrenaline? Either way, looking after your mental health and staying motivated is so important for all students over the last few weeks. Read on to learn how you can stay on track mentally for the rest of the year.

Focus on the small steps

I know how overwhelming it can be when you see a never-ending to-do list. Take each task day by day. Focus on the immediate tasks at hand. It’s much easier to chip away at a project bit by bit rather than crashing and burning before you even begin. So, focus on what you can do today to get towards the end goal.

Use your resources

Resources could be people, services, or material objects. Whatever you need to support you mentally is a valuable resource. The most important thing to realise is that you don’t have to go about this alone. Have conversations if you are struggling. Step into the outdoors and soak up some sun rays if you are feeling down. Put a planner on your wall so you can visualise the final few weeks of study. These are but a few examples – make use of everything around you to stay on track!

Don’t give up the things you love

Do you have a weekly ritual such as ‘Trivia Tuesday’ or ‘Saturday Games Night’? Don’t give up any of it! Having a weekly ritual is an amazing way to stay on track as it gives you something to look forward to and appreciate. I personally love catching up with friends for a walk at the beach, Sunday morning brunch, or weekend cook-athons. 

Ditch the comparisons and focus on your own goals

It seems we inevitably compare ourselves with those in our environment or with what we see on social media. I’m very much guilty of this. If you ever feel the same way, it’s important to remember that you are in control of your future. Not that person on Instagram, not your high-achieving best friend, but you. Everyone has their own battles. You could compare yourself to others and feel inferior, or you could recognise that everyone around you is going through their own private struggle and we are all just doing the best we can to have a positive impact on the world. Focus on your own goals and becoming a better version of yourself, rather than trying to pursue someone else’s highlight reel.

Reward yourself!

How do you want to celebrate the end of term? A night out with your mates? A little weekend getaway? Make whatever that is your reward. I personally love watching track and field but never have time during term to follow it. My reward for the end of term has always been binge watching an entire season of athletics! Rewards such as these can keep you personally motivated and ready to kick off the final few weeks with a bang!

If you ever feel like things are getting to be a little too much there are a bunch of support options available for all students.

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