Meet Sarah Hennessy: Academic Excellence Scholar 2020

The Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognising Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies were established to reward hard work, persistence and dedication to academic excellence. In this ‘Meet the Scholar’ series we will introduce you to those undergraduate students who are the 2020 recipients of this generous scholarship. Are you ready to be inspired?

What program are you studying?
Bachelor of Midwifery.
What year of study are you in?
2nd year.
What did you feel when you heard you were the recipient of the Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognising Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies?
I was very surprised and humbled. I am grateful to be included as a recipient.
What do you think are the personal qualities that have contributed to your academic achievements?
I’m very passionate about the material I am studying and the health care industry as a whole. It was a big decision to leave my previous career and return to school and I am trying to make the most of the study opportunity that has been provided to me.
Sarah Hennessey
How do you motivate yourself towards your studies?
I take studies one week/one assignment at a time and keep reminding myself of the end goal of becoming a Registered Midwife. Being a safe practitioner also requires a certain level of knowledge and practical skill. This motivates me to learn as much as I can regarding health and midwifery-related theory and skills as a lack of proficiency can impact the health of those that you are caring for.
Who are your role models?
I am blessed to be studying with an amazing cohort of student midwives who inspire me every day with their skill, compassion and supportive natures. My lecturers are also great role models and demonstrate the difference they can make in community health.
What are your goals for the future?
My goal is to be a Registered Midwife practising in a regional or rural maternity setting.
What are three things you enjoy most about studying at the University of Newcastle?
The University of Newcastle has amazing lecturers and professors who provide the necessary guidance and support to get through such a demanding program. We also have access to innovative technology (such as virtual reality simulations) that help us learn and apply the required clinical skills. I particularly enjoy the small class sizes at the Port Macquarie campus as it helps to facilitate a more individualized learning experience.
What tips do you have for other students when it comes to excelling in their studies?

My advice is to continue to work hard and try your best. Do not be afraid or intimidated to approach your tutorial leaders and lecturers if you have any questions or need any help. They are your best resource.

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