7 of the best kept secret spots on our campuses

While we’ve all been staying indoors, eating late lunches after 10AM sleep-ins, and adding to our plant collections, our campus has been waiting for our return. It’s always been there for us when we needed it, for a cheeky library session or printing off an assignment. But now it’s time for us to meet again and there’s so much we need to catch up on.

We all have our favourite spots at the various campus locations, whether it be somewhere sunny or somewhere quiet, or even a place with great coffee. But our good friend always has secret spots waiting for us.

So as you get ready to come back and start studying again, have a look at some hot spots that highlight why the University of Newcastle is known for our beautiful campuses. 

1. The Chess Pieces – Callaghan Campus

If you’re lacking that sweet, sweet Vitamin D, then this is a great spot to sprawl across the grass and get your game on. Who knew all those afternoons getting beat at chess by Grandpa could pay off? Now you can whoop your friend’s butt between lectures, or just chill like a lounging lizard. And I don’t encourage gambling, but if you’re confident about your chess skills, you can always bet your success on a coffee from Mamadukes (it’s just around the corner!)


2. The Seventh Floor of NUspace – Newcastle City Precinct

Everyone knows that NUspace packs some great views, it’s one of the best parts about going to uni in the city. But if you’re looking for that picturesque spot to upload to your Instagram feed, then head on up to the seventh floor and take a peek at what Newcastle has to offer. You’ll also be able to find a place to chill and relax without all the hustle and bustle down on the first floor. It’s like a little slice of seventh heaven, just one elevator away.

3. Picturesque Ourimbah Campus

Nothing beats studying when surrounded by beautiful trees and wildlife and the Central Coast campus is perfect for this. The campus features several stunning spots that allow you to sit amongst the thriving flora and fauna populations and take it all in. Next time you’re looking to have a quiet moment after class, or you need to catch up on a weekly reading, find a seat and get comfortable…you might just catch yourself spending hours nestled between the buildings and trees.

4. The General Purpose Building – Callaghan Campus

For those who have electives scattered all over the University, you’ve surely spent your Monday mornings trekking up the stairs of the General Purpose building. But the good ol’ GP has just gone through a make-over that would out-do a ‘Queer Eye’ episode, which is all the more reason for you to go check it out. It’s even more colourful, comfortable (so many chairs!) and contemporary than what you remember. The next time you’re on the Shorty side and looking for a place to sit down and read some study notes, keep this gem in mind.


5. Library Quad – Ourimbah Campus

This iconic Library quad is the first thing that greets you when you drive up to the Central Coast campus. Now I know what you’re thinking, “how is this spot a secret???”. And whilst it is true you have probably walked across the quad a thousand times to get to class or study in the library, have you ever considered grabbing a rug and settling in for a study session in the sun? The lush green lawn is the perfect spot to pull together a group study session or relax in between classes with a coffee and a snack. Trust us on this one, a cute picnic on this lawn is a must do before your graduate.

Students hanging on the Central Quad at Ourimbah in 1995

6. University House – Newcastle City Precinct

Ever seen that building hanging off the back of NUspace and wondered if it’s some sort of architectural treasure with a secret vault full of diamonds in the back? You would be somewhat correct, minus the vault of riches. University House is used mostly by the Creative Industries students, but it is always open to everyone! When visiting the first time, it’s easy to get lost in all the timeless hallways, library spaces, comfy seating areas, available computers and classrooms, but once you get to know this place it will quickly become your favourite place. Also, according to the Nav Team, it also offers a very “quiet and relaxing” bathroom experience.

7. The Swing – Callaghan Campus

Okay, the new seating area installation outside the Bakehouse is pretty cool… but if you look a little further down you’ll find something even cooler, we now have a swing! It’s slotted between the trees so you can swing to your heart’s content while enjoying some nature and dreading that walk over to the Hunter side. Piece of advice, though, don’t have a go on it after sculling a carton of choccy milk and a pie, it’s just not worth the motion sickness.


And there you have it, seven of the best spots to get re-aquainted with your campus. We’re looking forward to seeing you here!

If you’ve got an even better spot you want students to know about, upload a photo to Instagram and tag us at @uni_newcastle_students

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