7 of the best kept secret spots on our campuses

While we’ve all been staying indoors, eating late lunches after 10AM sleep-ins, and adding to our plant collections, our campus has been waiting for our return. It’s always been there for us when we needed it, for a cheeky library session or printing off an assignment. But now it’s time for us to meet again and there’s so much we need to catch up on. … Continue reading 7 of the best kept secret spots on our campuses

Study support without leaving your bed

Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday… and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…?

Okay, so maybe we’re all guilty of chilling at home rather than venturing into uni and there have certainly been a few days where we swapped our study notes for pyjamas and pillows.

This doesn’t mean we have to make studying at home hard for ourselves! There’s a lot of things that can be done from the very comfort of our home. So if you’re struggling with your next assignment, you don’t have to run to your local library and bury yourself in books.

Just sit back, get yourself a cuppa, and check out some of these study supports you can access without even having to leave your bed.

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How to level up and add ‘award-winning’ to your resume

The best thing about the Student Engagement Awards isn’t getting glammed up for the night, or trying to eat all the tapas you can manage, or even snapping that perfect pic for your Instagram story (although these are some great perks). The best thing about your Student Engagement Award is what comes next. Not only do you get the shiny certificate, but you also get to note on your resume that you were a winner. Pretty impressive stuff!

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