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All the reasons why you should apply for a scholarship

There’s not many things better than a scholarship. Maybe your nan’s spag bol or a celebratory beer after you’ve submitted your final assignment or maybe when you see a dog on your way to class.

You’ve probably heard it before, the University of Newcastle has loads of scholarships. But some students believe that scholarships are only for the “best of the best” and the highly competitive nature of scholarship applications has left them shying away from even giving them a go.

For too long scholarships have had this reputation and let me tell you fellow student, it’s just not true. Scholarships are for everyone, even if you didn’t do so well last semester or if you’re just cruising through your degree and getting good grades. Scholarships are also there for equity, study abroad opportunities and even just for those who are involved in their communities.

Bachelor of Social Work student and recipient of the Equity Scholarship Scheme University of Newcastle (ESSUN) Shaylie, said that her scholarship gave her validation that the university supports disabled students and their learning experiences.

“It showed me I am supported,” Shaylie said. “The scholarship changed the way I connect with the university, without it I don’t think I would have been able to survive and succeed as well as I have.”

“In terms of financial assistance… I was able to buy the well needed Dragon (voice to text) software that enabled me to write my assignments and notes effectively,” she said. “I was able to pay for transport to and from university to conserve energy and I was even able to afford sensory management toys for when I needed them on campus.”

“Of course it was also used to buy expensive textbooks and journal articles that I wouldn’t have been able to afford!”

And it’s not just “free money” that comes with a scholarship, it’s the potential to change the whole course of your degree. Scholarship recipients are more dedicated and focused without financial stress and have peace of mind that their scholarship is there when times get tough.

Some scholarships also offer life-changing experiences, including overseas study and mentorship programs to help give you that “golden resume” when you graduate.

So is there a scholarship for you? Well, University of Newcastle students scratching their heads while scrolling through the Scholarships page,  I’m here to tell you that yes there’s (probably, most likely, almost definitely) a scholarship out there for you. Here’s some that you might be interested in.

But hurry, some applications close in October but for most Scholarships, they close on the 15th of February, so keep that in mind while you check out all the great scholarships that our University has to offer. And remember, you never know if you don’t give it a go, so apply today!

Equity Scholarships

Degree-specific Scholarships

Once-in-a-lifetime Experience Scholarships

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