Transform your life with the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program

The University of Newcastle offers a wide variety of scholarships which can provide students with anything from a bit of extra financial support, right up to once in a lifetime opportunities for education.

Born from the desire to build and inspire the next generation of globally aware and socially conscious Australian leaders, the Ma & Morley Scholarship Program is one of the University’s most beneficial and transformative programs offered to students who want to create positive and lasting change in the world.

The Ma & Morley Scholarship Program was founded through a philanthropic endeavour to honour the life changing and enduring friendship between successful Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma and respected Novocastrian Ken Morley. The program aims to inspire, educate and cultivate University of Newcastle students in becoming a part of the next generation of globally aware and socially conscious Australian leaders.

The revolutionary scholarship program brings together students from all colleges within the University who hold and display within their lives the core values of peace, demilitarisation and cultural respect, equity and justice for all, ethical rights for workers and environmental sustainability.

Those lucky enough to be awarded the scholarship receive the opportunity to partake in a powerful immersion experience!

Keely Dunning, one of the 2022 Ma & Morley Scholars, recently travelled to China on a 12-day cultural immersion trip to connect with the origins of the Program, each other and gain an insight into life in China. She described the experience as rewarding and transformative.

“For me, this 12-day China immersion to Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou was completely transformative. A recurring theme across all aspects of the trip for me was ‘connection to people’. From the moment we got on the plane, or stepped foot on the Great Wall, to the time we visited Alibaba, everybody was so open, welcoming, and friendly towards us Scholars.”

All socially-conscious University of Newcastle students with a desire to make a difference within their community and on an international scale are encouraged to apply.

Another 2022 Ma & Morley Scholar, Max Spencer-Karinen, says his experience as part of the Ma & Morley program was an experience like no other.

“Each day of the China Immersion was packed with an incredible variety of activities to allow us to better understand and appreciate Chinese culture. Our experience as tourists could never fully capture the reality of life there, being given chances to connect with locals and the program’s emphasis on group reflection has made a lasting impact on me and I cannot wait to have the opportunity see more of China and the world.”

The scholarship program is open to both first-year and returning students. Apply now.

Our top piece of advice for students thinking of applying is simple. Be yourself, make sure your application is a true reflection of you and your values. Make sure you have all the relevant documentation ready early and get someone to read over it. Don’t be afraid, put yourself out there as you never know where it may take you.

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