Finding a job in a tough market

There’s no denying that the job market right now is tough and a lot of students are feeling the anxiety of the situation. At our university we are lucky enough to have a dedicated careers team that assists students in increasing their employability and give them the best chance at landing a job. I got some advice from Renèe Smith, a Careers Consultant from the Careers Service, about job seeking in a time like this and how we can better our employment prospects.

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8 of the best free at home workouts!

So, you’re at home and trying to keep that bod in some sort of fit state but the gym is too expensive and it’s raining so a beach run is out of the question. Well, do I have a treat for you. Eight of the best free workouts you can do at home with no equipment. Just bring yourself. Tried and tested by a very physically exhausted, yours truly. 

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Studying at home with housemates: a how-to guide

Studying online can be a little difficult to navigate at the best of times, it’s even worse when all your housemates are in the same boat and you’re all a bit stir crazy.

You’d swear that housemate 1’s new Apple watch was telling them to reach a spoken word goal because you’ve never seen someone needing to talk this much. Housemate 2 has turned the living room into a home gym and decided now’s the time to play fitness videos 24/7 because they need something to distract them from study.

So how are you possibly meant to get anything done? Well, allow me to give you tips and tricks – as someone (an introvert) who has somehow made it through four years of uni whilst living with absolute hooligans (Hi guys, I still love you). 

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Going home for the summer break

I’m going to be real, I often find myself a bit homesick. I’m lucky enough to have an extraordinarily tight-knit family and feel so blessed when we’re all together, but between my parents, my sister and I, there’s over 12 hours of travel time to see each other. It was my decision to move away for uni and I stand by it, but it doesn’t make the time we all spend apart any easier and it certainly doesn’t stop the normal family disagreements and bickering when we’re all back under one roof. Here’s my best advice for navigating the move back home over the break and how to best keep your independence when you’re back playing for Team Family.

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Tips for starting a garden and composting at home!

Getting to produce some of your own food and seeing things grow right before your eyes is truly one of the greatest feelings ever, but it can sometimes be tough to do this on your own. Getting your housemates involved in a shared garden is a great activity and will be so rewarding for all involved. I feel like the luckiest person ever to live with three other people who love plants! If you’re unsure how to get started on your own share-house garden or compost, check out these basic tips and tricks that we’ve figured out (through trial and error) along the way.

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“I’m not ok”: What to do when a friend needs mental health support

Not long ago, I had a very close friend of mine experience a major loss. Given the circumstances, they seemed to be coping well. They were going to work, keeping up with their social and sporting commitments and had an extraordinarily well-rehearsed speech they would perform when asked how they were doing. A speech that was so reassuring, it managed to fool even me for months, and now I look back on it, probably over a year. Continue reading ““I’m not ok”: What to do when a friend needs mental health support”