How to get the most out of university life: outside the classroom

Are you feeling like you’re not getting as much out of the ~uni experience~ as you wanted? Absolutely lost on how to create long-lasting friendships while balancing study with other commitments? Wanting to easily find avenues for future work or find career relevant positions? Or are you even wanting to give back to the university through volunteering and make real change at the place you study?

Luckily for you, all these questions have been answered – and the solution isn’t as far away as you’d have thought!

The university offers so much more than lectures and study spaces – here are some fab avenues for involvement in university life, outside of the classroom.


UNSA is the University of Newcastle Students’ Association – a SSAF-funded, not-for-profit organisation that supports and advocates for all students at the University of Newcastle. They’re here to ensure you make friends, learn valuable skills and are supported.

UNSA provides support to numerous student clubs. If you want to embrace a sense of community while studying here, join a student club! (Or a dozen!)

With over 100 clubs and societies for every sport, interest or activity under the sun, there’s bound to be a group of like-minded and passionate people for you to meet in at least one. With club interests ranging from Arm Wrestling to Quidditch, there’s something for everyone. Being involved in a club means meeting new people, attending cool events, even planning trips away for weekend getaways (all organised around exam period, of course), and generally having a tonne of fun with great people!

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Jobs on Campus

You’re studying at the university – but did you know you can work here as well? Working for the university is a great way to earn money while gaining skills working in a professional workplace, and receiving top tier training. Jobs On Campus is a great way to get involved in University life while building up your resume and meeting new people. CareerHub posts the latest and most relevant university jobs – so keep your eyes open for upcoming work!

Student Events

Surely one of the best parts of being a University student is all of the student events and experiences you get to attend, a great way to meet new people and create lasting memories. Fortunately, the university holds regular events that anyone can attend! You can get your cinema fix with Moonlight Movies, dance to some bangin’ tunes at the Band Comp and DJ Comp, or party with your peers at a number of fun-filled events and activities.

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Being a volunteer is one of the most rewarding experiences the university has to offer – an opportunity to gain skills and experience while also supporting the place that you study. There are a multitude of ways you can get involved in volunteering at the university – by flipping snags for the free lunches, or helping set up for Green Week. Not to mention, volunteering experience looks mint on a resume, and can aid you in your future professional endeavours.

Student Representation

Possibly the most important way you can get involved with the university is through student leadership. Student leaders voice our issues, harbour a safe and accepting environment at the university, and are the brains behind a LOT of the activities and events our university has to offer. Plus, there are so many options for student leadership- like Academic Senate, UNSA, or NuSport!

University is about a whole lot more than studying towards a degree- it’s about fostering an environment that helps students grow both personally, socially and professionally– so why not make the most of all the university has to offer and jump headfirst into the real uni-life by participating in a club, attending an event, or nominating for student representatives.

The world – or in this case, university – is your oyster, and anything you wish for is yours for the taking!

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