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How to prep for exam time

With the final exam period just around the corner, we’ve put together a handy guide with some quick tips to help you prepare for your exams! Are you the kind of person who always revises things ahead of time?  Or are you the type of person who feels anxious when the exam is drawing near? Or do you feel confident about your test already?   Whatever category you … Continue reading How to prep for exam time

Mid-shot of Annie smiling at the camera with her laptop open

Your Stories – Meet Annie

Name: Annie Degree: Bachelor of Biomedical Science Have you always wanted to study Biomedical Science? I never thought I’d be in a Biomedical degree. I didn’t even like biology in school. I originally had no direction and there was so much pressure to apply for university and choose what career I wanted to do, but I honestly had no idea. I always knew I wanted … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Annie

A collage with photographs of members of Univeristy of Newcastle clubs

5 Club events you can attend in October

Although the year is starting to come to a close, there are still plenty of fun social events right around the corner! I’ve gotten in touch with some of the Clubs on campus, to shine a spotlight on some of the exciting events in store for October.  Historia – Dress Up Trivia Night Historia is a social club for any students with an interest in history, … Continue reading 5 Club events you can attend in October

Your Stories – Meet Julia

Name: Julia Degree: Bachelor of Coastal and Marine Science Where would you like to take this degree? I really want to do a PhD and work in Antarctica looking at how climate change is affecting Adelie penguin habitats and how their behavioural adaptations are changing due to habitat loss. They’re so cute, the male penguins collect pebbles and give them to the females who then … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Julia

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Managing End of Year Burnout

Late mid-semester breaks aren’t always easy. You push yourself for ten weeks, maybe get two weeks off (more likely use those two weeks to study and prepare for the month of assessments and exams when you get back) and then go straight into a month or so of intensive end-of-semester assignments and exams before launching straight into the festive season.  When I signed up to … Continue reading Managing End of Year Burnout

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Finished Open Foundation! What’s Next?

Well, that went by like a blink of an eye! All your hard work and perseverance has paid off as you are now on the roll to starting a new and exciting journey at The University of Newcastle. It’s time for: “Your Next Move.”  As a current student at Uni Newcastle myself I know firsthand the ups and downs regarding the academic journey. I can … Continue reading Finished Open Foundation! What’s Next?

Mid-shot of Ava working on her laptop at the Callaghan campus

Your Stories – Meet Ava

Name: Ava Degree: Bachelor of Education (Primary) What do you enjoy the most about university? I wasn’t great at high school and never really pushed myself academically, but I’ve found that with university it’s the opposite. I enjoy the feeling of being challenged and I like that I can see the personal progress I’ve made. Is this where you pictured yourself to be? I took … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Ava

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Creative Tips for Self Care

With the end of the study term fast approaching, it’s natural for stress and anxiety to come creeping in. If you’re feeling in a bit of a slump or looking for fun ways to re-energise and get your spark back, why not give Creative Self Care a go!     Whether you’ve carved out a solid self-care ritual or you’re totally new to the self-care … Continue reading Creative Tips for Self Care

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All the reasons why you should apply for a scholarship

There’s not many things better than a scholarship. Maybe your nan’s spag bol or a celebratory beer after you’ve submitted your final assignment or maybe when you see a dog on your way to class.

You’ve probably heard it before, the University of Newcastle has loads of scholarships. But some students believe that scholarships are only for the “best of the best” and the highly competitive nature of scholarship applications has left them shying away from even giving them a go.

Continue reading “All the reasons why you should apply for a scholarship”

Amy outdoors, smiling and holding a camera

Your Stories – Meet Amy

Name: Amy  Degree: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering  What inspired you to do this degree? In year 9 Engineering Studies, guest speakers from the University of Wollongong came to talk about their future in Engineering. One of them, dressed in Supercars uniforms said she was an engineer for Red Bull racing, and I thought I want to do that! I made sure to do all the … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Amy