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Unleash your professional potential: Making the most of LinkedIn

In this digital era of professional networking, there is a platform that is super useful for boosting your career opportunities- LinkedIn. Think of it as a virtual gateway to showcase your skills and connect with potential employers. If you’re looking to create or rehaul your LinkedIn profile, read on for some quick tips! Boosting your online presence and employability starts with creating a magnetic profile. … Continue reading Unleash your professional potential: Making the most of LinkedIn

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Building your best online self; a professional presence

This article covers some of the steps and suggestions you can take to dress up your online persona and make sure you put your best digital foot forward.  Picture this.   You’ve made it through a three-to-five-year degree.   You’ve received your degree in your sweaty little mitts.   You feel a momentary burst of relief as the pressure that hung over your head disintegrates!  And then…   You … Continue reading Building your best online self; a professional presence

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Why Transferrable Skills are SO Important

While exams, placements and assessments are all important elements of a university degree, there are other things you can do to fill out your CV and make you a more skilled graduate.  When you start searching for graduate employment, you will likely come across the term “transferable skills” during your job search and wonder what it means. While the whole process can be overwhelming at … Continue reading Why Transferrable Skills are SO Important

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The One Thing Your Future Employer Wants You To Do Now

Although University is a place to have fun, meet new people and study for the degree program of your choice, it is also an important stepping stone into the working world. At the University of Newcastle there are plenty of ways you can get ahead to ensure you stand out from the crowd when you’re approaching graduation and start applying for graduate jobs. Career Connect … Continue reading The One Thing Your Future Employer Wants You To Do Now

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Why attending the Careers and Employment Week is a smart move

Just like a pizza, everything is better when it’s delivered to you. That’s what an event like the Careers and Employment Week is. Rather than having to go seek out your potential careers and graduate programs, for one day our Careers Team delivers them straight to you. #convenience Career Expos are your chance to make a great impression on your future employer. So don’t waste … Continue reading Why attending the Careers and Employment Week is a smart move

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Goal setting during times of uncertainty

As much as we’d hoped for otherwise, it looks like 2022 might also have some uncertainties around COVID. Those New Year’s resolutions which you set might have well and truly gone out the window. But that doesn’t mean the rest of 2022 is a throwaway. While no doubt different to what you planned, the goals which you set for the remainder of the year can still keep you on track and guide you through 2022 as it continues to unfold. Maybe if you have never set goals before, this extended time at home is your cue to start building your goal-setting capabilities.

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How to bounce back after losing your job due to COVID-19

One of the big COVID-19 impacts for many of us is the effect it’s had on work – how we do our jobs, where we do them, how much we get paid (hello JobKeeper) and whether we even have a job at all.

Firstly, financial help is available through Centrelink (JobSeeker, JobKeeper, ABSTUDY etc), and the University of Newcastle’s Student Hardship Fund, scholarships, loans and emergency food or accommodation support are also available. You can find more details here

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Finding a job in a tough market

There’s no denying that the job market right now is tough and a lot of students are feeling the anxiety of the situation. At our university we are lucky enough to have a dedicated careers team that assists students in increasing their employability and give them the best chance at landing a job. I got some advice from Renèe Smith, a Careers Consultant from the Careers Service, about job seeking in a time like this and how we can better our employment prospects.

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How to level up and add ‘award-winning’ to your resume

The best thing about the Student Engagement Awards isn’t getting glammed up for the night, or trying to eat all the tapas you can manage, or even snapping that perfect pic for your Instagram story (although these are some great perks). The best thing about your Student Engagement Award is what comes next. Not only do you get the shiny certificate, but you also get to note on your resume that you were a winner. Pretty impressive stuff!

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6 ways you can get ahead with the Careers Service

Are you looking for a leg up in the increasingly competitive job market? The University’s Careers Service can help you do just that – for free. That’s right – free! So, forget about all the paid workshops on how to spruik your resume and create a winning cover letter, you can get all that and much more right here. Intrigued? We spoke with Curriculum and … Continue reading 6 ways you can get ahead with the Careers Service