Your Stories – Meet Jackson

Name: Jackson, original creator of ‘UON Love Letters Revised’ Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Did you create the Love Letters platform? If so, why? Yes and no, but mostly no. I created the current Love Letters Revived page in October 2020, probably a day or two after the original page got deleted. I only got onto it so quickly because I was a huge fan … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Jackson

Close up photo of Bridget sitting in a chair at NuSpace

Your Stories – Meet Bridget

Name: Bridget Degree: Bachelor of Communications (Majoring in Media Arts Production) Why did you decide to come to uni and what drew you to a communication degree? Honestly, it just seemed interesting. I wasn’t ready to commit to a full-time job yet and I thought studying would be a good idea. I love films. I’ve done a lot of acting and really wanted to get … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Bridget

Mid-shot of Georgia sitting outside Bar On The Hill, drinking a lemon lime and bitters

Your Stories – Meet Georgia

Name: Georgia Degree: Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) How did you come to do a Bachelor of Social Work? I didn’t think I’d ever be at university, I thought it was something fancier people did who had more money. I did Open Foundation rather than coming straight from school. My course is well suited to me, it’s flexible and adaptable to changes in my life. … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Georgia

Long shot of Madeleine sitting on a bench on campus, smiling at the camera

Your Stories – Meet Madeleine

Name: Madeleine Degree: Double degree in Arts and Science majoring in Linguistics and Psychology and a Diploma in Languages majoring in French How did you end up doing such a broad degree? I started with Bachelor of Design (Architecture) and in high school I studied a variety of subjects like Visual Arts, Textiles, French and Modern History. I thought Architecture would be the perfect mix … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Madeleine

Close of photo of Connie sitting in a courtyard, smiling at the camera

Your Stories – Meet Connie

Name: Connie Degree: PhD (Classics) What made you choose this degree, where did your passion come from? I’ve always had this passion, ever since my mum read me Greek myths as bedtime stories when I was a child. I’ve always been leaning towards this but didn’t expect I’d take it as far as I have. I didn’t originally think I’d do a PhD, but as … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Connie

Close up photo of Omotola sitting on a lounge in Auchmuty library, smiling at the camera

Your Stories – Meet Omotola

Name: Omotola Degree: Masters in Public Health Why did you decide to study public health? Public health is an interdisciplinary course – it covers fields such as policy, research, communications, health, equity, business and finance. Public health encompasses what we do in our daily lives, it’s the practice of medicine not just the clinical aspect. It covers accessibility to ensure everybody has access to health … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Omotola

Cover image showing an open laptop, pot plant, closed notebook and cup of coffee with text saying New Skills Loading

New Year, New Skills; Things to try in the Summer break

If you’re like me and have lots of free time on your hands before uni goes back, why not learn some new skills? Uni Newcastle students have free access to a range of programs like Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Adobe Express and Creative Cloud. Regardless of your age or tech-savvy-ability, anybody can learn new skills, whether to benefit your study or hobbies at home.   As a … Continue reading New Year, New Skills; Things to try in the Summer break

Mid shot of Vaish sitting outside, holding an open textbook and smiling

Your Stories – Meet Vaish

Name: Vaish Degree: Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) Have you always wanted to study social science? I started studying nutrition as I wanted to be a dietician. I watched my dad who has diabetes struggle to find a dietician that understood an Indian diet. When I started the degree, I quickly realised it really wasn’t for me. I was very unhappy. I considered other options … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Vaish

Mid shot of Nathan eating a plate of fries while he reads his textbook

Your Stories – Meet Nathan

Name: Nathan Degree: Bachelor of Communications (Film Media Major) How did you come to study a Bachelor of Communications? Originally I was studying Secondary Teaching but realised it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. I switched to a new degree called Climate Science and Adaptation because my major for teaching was Environmental Science, I figured I’d eliminate the teaching and do that instead. One … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Nathan

Mid-shot of Annie smiling at the camera with her laptop open

Your Stories – Meet Annie

Name: Annie Degree: Bachelor of Biomedical Science Have you always wanted to study Biomedical Science? I never thought I’d be in a Biomedical degree. I didn’t even like biology in school. I originally had no direction and there was so much pressure to apply for university and choose what career I wanted to do, but I honestly had no idea. I always knew I wanted … Continue reading Your Stories – Meet Annie