University Support Services for Squeaky-Wheels

Although your wheels have not come off, perhaps they are noticeably squeaky and need an oil; you don’t need to be struggling to access support services.  As rhythmically as the change in seasons the year used to have, by now most of us are finding ourselves in something of a uni/life groove. There are some of us (the exceptions of the time management poor cliche of … Continue reading University Support Services for Squeaky-Wheels

I was a teenage washout

The paths we travel to arrive here are as diverse as we are. For every high school high achiever, for whom university study was an expected next step, an accepted reality, there is a student who greets university life as something of an anomaly. UON has an inordinate number of students who are the first in their family to attend university. People from working class, marginalised and disadvantaged backgrounds mingle happily with the more traditional student body, largely due to UON’s hugely successful foundation studies programs: Open Foundation, Newstep and Yapug. Continue reading I was a teenage washout