Four foolproof ways to stay off social media when Studying

It can be ever so tempting to keep reaching for your phone to get that instant dopamine hit by checking the constant stream of updates and notifications that keep coming through. But this isn’t helping you ace your studies at all. It’s time to buckle down and get on top of your studies and we have the top tips to help you do just that

Put your phone on aeroplane mode or turn off your notifications

This one is pretty simple – the temptation to check social media when studying dramatically decrease when your notifications are disabled. The easiest way to make sure your notifications don’t disrupt you is to put your phone on aeroplane mode when working, that way you can still listen to music but won’t be distracted by incoming messages. However, if you need to keep your phone open for certain messages you can disable notifications for particular apps and don’t forget to disable any notifications which may come through if you’re using your computer.

Put a browser blocker on your devices

If turning off your notifications isn’t enough to keep you from constantly checking social media, try downloading a website/browser blocker for your devices. This allows you to choose certain sites to block yourself from accessing later when you’re studying and holds you accountable to your goals.

Track the time you spend online

Actually being able to see how much time you spend online or on particular apps can be a big wakeup call, but once you know how much time you currently spend on social media you can start to set yourself goals to help decrease your usage. You can check your social media usage on each social media site from the settings on your device. Additionally, there are a range of apps you can download which rack your screen time and allow you to set limits for yourself.

Set a schedule for checking social media

FOMO is a strong motivation and can often make you feel compelled to check your social media feeds every five minutes. Instead of completely cutting out social media during your day at home, allow yourself a set amount of time during the day to catch up on what’s happening on your social media profiles and respond to messages. Be careful and make sure you set a timer as 10 minutes may turn into an hour before you know it!

Time to put that phone down, disable your browsers and get down to business!

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