Study support without leaving your bed

Who doesn’t love a lazy Sunday… and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday…?

Okay, so maybe we’re all guilty of chilling at home rather than venturing into uni and there have certainly been a few days where we swapped our study notes for pyjamas and pillows.

This doesn’t mean we have to make studying at home hard for ourselves! There’s a lot of things that can be done from the very comfort of our home. So if you’re struggling with your next assignment, you don’t have to run to your local library and bury yourself in books.

Just sit back, get yourself a cuppa, and check out some of these study supports you can access without even having to leave your bed.


By now you’re all probably absolute Zoom masters, and you’ve also figured out how to change your backgrounds to make your tutorials extra interesting. But did you know that your Academic Learning Advisors are also using Zoom too?

Previously, the Academic Learning Support team had only been rolling out face-to-face meet ups for students, but now the Learning Advisors have taken to Zoom to provide the same services.

After contacting a Learning Advisor, they’ll provide you with a link and then wham, bam, thank you ma’am! You’re getting support while staying comfy. Extra tip, they won’t see your bottom half, so feel free to leave your trackies on.

There are a number of different sessions you can set up, so make sure you find the right one for your learning style. You may want to check out:

Workshops: Study Skills, Maths and Statistics, Academic Writing Skills and English Language

Individual Consultations: Academic Writing and Study Skills, Econsult, Maths, Open Foundation/New Step/YAPUG, Research Writing


While Academic Learning Support is also operating out of Zoom, there’s one more vital piece to this puzzle, your PASS Leaders! Unfortunately, not all courses do have PASS available, however, the ones that do are certainly worth popping into. It’s the most optimal way to supercharge your study time, right from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Most PASS classes have an online option available, so check the announcements on your Blackboard to see which available times suit you.


Studiosity is an interesting word but also an awesome learning support tool for students that delivers personal, timely, online help.

Studiosity provides 24/7 online support in two major services – Connect Live where you can speak to a specialist to discuss assignments and Writing Feedback where students submit a draft of their assignment and receive a feedback from a specialist within 24 hours.

Studiosity is here to help you when the going gets tough – at any time of the day – to give you confidence in your written work and to arrive in class better prepared.   


If you’ve had enough of Zoom, there are other ways you can get help too. You’re probably using it to scroll through this article right now.

Academic Learning Support can also provide phone sessions with students who need academic support. It’s delivered the same way as mentioned previously, except now you don’t even have to change out of your lounge-around shirt too! Just indicate to your Learning Advisor that you’d prefer a call and they’ll be happy to help.


Now if you feel like you’re not up to having a chat or if you’re just confident you’d like to have a crack on your own, there’s actually something for the internet surfer as well. The Academic Learning Support team has put together a plethora of online information to help you out with your academic writing, English language, Math and stat skills, study tips and even how to smash out your assignments.

On top of that, the Library is still able to be assessed without even having to walk up those treacherous Auchmuty stairs! If you’re really struggling with a subject, take a browse through the NEWCAT+ Library Catalogue. You can also get help with referencing, research and online tutorials about navigating the Library’s resources.


If all else absolutely fails, your student email is here to catch you when you fall. Let your Course Coordinator know if you are struggling with the content, and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

If you’re unsure of your Course Coordinator’s email, you can find it in Canvas in your course outline.

So the next time you feel too lazy to get out of bed to find the right study support, just remember, you don’t always have to. Happy snoozing… I mean, studying!

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