Meet Katrina Miller-Little: Academic Excellence Scholar 2020

The Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognising Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies were established to reward hard work, persistence and dedication to academic excellence. In this ‘Meet the Scholar’ series we will introduce you to those undergraduate students who are the 2020 recipients of this generous scholarship. Are you ready to be inspired?

What program are you studying?
Secondary Teaching, with a double major in English and Drama.
What year of study are you in?
What did you feel when you heard you were the recipient of the Academic Excellence Scholarships Recognising Outstanding Performance in Undergraduate Studies?

I was a little shocked; I didn’t know there was such a scholarship. I told my mum straight away. In fact, I’m still shook!

What do you think are the personal qualities that have contributed to your academic achievements?

I am a very organised person. I meticulously keep a calendar and prioritise what needs to be done, and when. That’s probably my anxiety, but there’s always a silver lining. I try to make the best of every situation.

How do you motivate yourself towards your studies?

I know that things have to get done, and I know that the sooner I do them, the sooner I can stop worrying about them. Also, I buy myself 1 doughnut per HD at the end of each semester, at the insistence of my grandma.

Who are your role models?
My Grammy, Nanny, Poppy, mum, dad, and my brother. They have all taught me the skills to succeed or given me the attitude to preserve.
What are your goals for the future?
To enjoy my time on this earth doing what I love, and to become the best teacher I can be.
What are three things you enjoy most about studying at the University of Newcastle?
1. The Wollotuka Institute and the people within it
2. The friends I’ve made along the way
3. The knowledge I’ve gained and the opportunities I’ve been given throughout my degree
What tips do you have for other students when it comes to excelling in their studies?

Organise yourself! Don’t put things off until the last minute. Do your best! Work until you can say “I am proud of myself”. Never stop learning. Keep your brain active by developing your interests outside of uni as well. I like to listen to science podcasts and learn new recipes!

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